(Video documentation 4) 2018 – 2019: Organized stalking

I have now made 4 videos where I present some of my most obvious evidence of organized stalking, and will slow down a bit, since I’m unable to multitask and have been neglecting writing on my story in the process.

I don’t have many resources due to the harassment and have been spending quite some time going through a lot of old video material to find some of the most suitable video clips, before even being able to start editing – so it takes time, just to make these videos.

It’s is not much and only present a tiny window into my life, but I do think it is enough to show, that I’m indeed exposed some very troubling crimes, committed by an unknown numbers of individuals, more than I like to think of.

When you then add the fact, that people are calling my workplace to spread lies about me, that people are making fake sex advertisements in my name and with my phone number – then I personally think it becomes impossible to deny the fact, that I’m exposed to severe harassment.

On top of that, there are me and my animals extremely poor health, which no doctor is really able to explain.

When I was being hospitalized on several occasions in 2017, the conclusion was in the end, that I was suffering from an atypical asthma. I recently learned by going to my new doctor, that I also had pneumonia on one of my lungs, when I was being hospitalized as well as they found a suspicious lump on one of my lungs, that apparently turned out to be “nothing” (I personally have an idea of, what it might be – so that I’m also going to look into by having MR scans done in the future).

And that is only a small part of all the physical issues I’m dealing with, not to mention heavy heart issues.

However the doctors are not trained or even aware of these microwave health-issues, and the scoop of deception and crimes are unbelievable and pure science fiction, if you are not exposed to, or aware of, these crimes – I get that.

That is also why I have spend the last couple of weeks making these videos, so I can start reaching out to proper sources and referring them to this blog – people who are not so unaware of these covert crimes, that goes on.

My next videos are therefore going to be the extreme degree of wireless radiation in my house and on my property and the health of my animals and myself.

But it will take a while, since writing my story has main priority and I will therefore most likely not be maintaining my blog on a weekly basis the next month or two.

As a last remark, I have accessed the email that I’m using in connection to this blog, and can see, that several people have been writing me. I’m sorry, if I don’t have the time or energy to write back, I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

In that connection I have a request to the people, who have been writing me. Because I was told, earlier this year, by people from Finland, who found my blog, that it was almost impossible to find. My own experience is also, that I don’t have a lot of visitors – not even people visiting my blog by chance. So, if you would please write me back, and tell me, how you found my blog – I would be so appreciative. My fear and suspicion is, that I’m being ghosted banned, since I have been having this blog for a couple of years now, and the metadata, keywords etc., should direct a number of targeted individuals from around the world to my blog/website on a daily basis, even if it is only by coincidence.

NB. Sorry that I was delayed with this documentation – but it took much longer to make, than I expected.

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