My life is challenging and I therefore don’t have the energy to respond that often, but people are welcome to write if they by any chance think we can benefit from each other. Just don’t expect a quick reply. Sometimes I receive long letters that demands long answers; even though there is little I can do besides sharing my story and evidence.

However I do value important information, since I’m also learning day by day and would like to reach out to some of the independent scientists (and others) I have already tried to reach – which creates a new challenges: Often when I reach out to people, who are able to make a difference my emails disappear in cyber space (it took me a while to realize that I’m often not communicating with anyone online as soon as the communication has to do with the hidden agenda). So, honestly I don’t know who and if I’m even communicating with people, if they don’t reply my messages.

I have therefore decided to publish my address and phonenumber in case people wants to get in contact.

Anne Have

Rekkendevej 43,

4720 Præstø


Phone +45 50232324

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