Going to the police again

I’ve gone to the police today for the first time since 2018. The reason was that some of the young local boys/young men drove by my property on their mopeds (I suppose they are locals, since they were going on mopeds) at 05:20 pm Tuesday 5th of November and fired two gunshots, while passing by my house. I saw them through the kitchen window, rushing off into the night. It was clearly not adults or old men.

Since Spring, around the precise same time as my dog, Pedy became so incredible sick due to the covert harassment, these young guys on their mopeds first started to appear on a regular basis: Most of the time very coordinated with me leaving my house or being outside.

This has been going on all summer long – and this Tuesday people on their mopeds even fired gunshots. I think they were inspired by the video documentation I’m making at the moment, but I also think they were frustrated about the fact, that I, the day before, had been uploading video files of their behavior/incredible timing on my computer – yes, I’m also cyber-stalked and has lost all privacy, which I will also make a video about in the future.

I was going to make a quick video diary about these events taking place in my nearest surroundings, but since I have gone to the police – again, I think it would be best to wait and see, what they say.

I haven’t received any meaningful help from the police prior, but I would hope that they would look more seriously into the anonymous phone call to my work back in 2018 or the fake sex advertisement. It would be long waited to get some faces on these people behind the organized crimes.

These are common people, people with a certain mentality, committing these crimes (so it shouldn’t be that hard if you have the means to put some faces on). As well as I’m just a common civilian learning day by day, how to fight against these crimes by doing activism.

Because I do believe, that the real change is writing my story and maintaining this blog and reaching out to the proper connections.

The police officer was a young, very nice woman, but she had never heard of organized stalking, not to mention directed energy weapons. So it is up the hill, since these covert crimes are truly being kept very secret to the public.

I did provide the police with statements made by whistle-blowers, American politicians and others, confirming the existence of these crimes. And I did provide the police with a fairly long description of the events I’ve been able to document throughout 2019, since I don’t have good experiences with only making claims.

About the video documentation – it is going to take a while making the video about the car stalking. First of all I lost significant materials with the destruction of an external hard disk. Not as significant as the shooting incidents or drones etc. – but second best material. That means I will be making a video with the third best material. It is not anywhere near as direct as the shooting incident, but if you join me on my journey as a targeted individual, it should actually be just as solid evidence as the gun shooting.

However it is going to be complex to present in an obvious way, so it will take a little while, but I will try to finish it before Monday – Tuesday next week, especially since I gave the police a link to my website/Blog.

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