All truth passes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Secondly it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

A short introduction to me and my website

Introduction organized stalking.

Before I was exposed to stalking and harassment, I had never heard about organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

The year was 2016.

Before 2016 I had already been exposed to stalking, committed by an odd character from my neighborhood. It went on for six years until I was finally able to sell my apartment and move.

I was so happy. Little did I know this was to become the beginning of organized stalking – and even worse electromagnetic harassment.

It all began late 2015 with the words: Hello Dear.

A message sent to me on Facebook. I had only gotten the keys to my new flat, unaware that my life was going to change radically and in a way I would never have thought possible.

For a long time I was in denial even if it was obvious, that people was entering my home, when I was out. I was always able to find excuses, until I couldn’t deny anymore, that I was constantly being monitored and followed by unknown individuals.

At the same time my health was falling apart. In the end of 2016 I could barely stand on my feet. My body was falling apart – rapidly. I knew it had to do with all the other changes in my life taking place in 2016 – but how?

Early 2017 I got my answer, when I was suddenly exposed to directed energy attacks day and night. Before that it had mainly been, while I was sleeping.

I was terrified and in shock, then I tried to escape for almost 2 years, until I realized, I had to turn around and face the beast. It was clear to me, that the beast had one vulnerability – the organized stalking is part of a hidden agenda that can only survive in the shadow – at least for now.

So my best weapon was exposure.

I began documenting everything possible – though I admit, it isn’t easy (and it isn’t a recommendation, since everybody has to make up, their own mind on how much they are willing to sacrifice and since every country has its own laws).

I was on the run and had bought a hunting-camera, which I had placed under my car, where I was often forced to sleep due to the electromagnetic harassment. A harassment so violent I became a frequent guest at the hospital during 2017.

Twice I was even hospitalized for a longer period of time, due to breathing difficulties – at the same time I had shown my first solid video-evidence of harassment (the shooting incidence and some other intimidation tactics) to the police and still they were doing nothing.

I was slowly realizing – that I was not only fighting some traditionally criminal gang – I was fighting the system.

My Bitchute Channel

I haven’t been on my english blog for a long time. The reason is I have changed my focus to Denmark – an almost impossible task. I would like to maintain my english blog also. Maybe in the new year – though I must admit, my health is bad. Long story. Please feel free to…

Tiny machines

A good friend of mine, Johan – who is also being targeted, sent me a link that could explain the inner technology I’m having inside my body. It is tiny machines that delivers “medicin” into the intestines. And when I look at the transformation of the inner technology under the microscope – there is a…