(Documentation 5 – PDF file) 2018: Someone called my work anonymously

September 2018 my job received an anonymous phone-call from an unknown male-figure, who wanted to worn them about me, since I was mentally ill, according to the anonymous phone-caller, who referred my work to this blog as a prove.

I have already written about this incident back in 2018, but have decided to publish the whole email correspondence between me and my boss as part of the evidence I have begun publishing concerning organized stalking and harassment.

I shall therefore not go into further details again, besides pointing out two important questions:

  • How did the anonymous phone-caller – who, according to himself, was a very good friend of mine, know where I worked, since only two of my closest relatives knew where I was working?
  • And how did he know I had a blog, since my blog is anonymous? I did go public on September 12th and less than two days later my work received the anonymous phone call, not enough time for Google to even make my name searchable – besides my name was written inside a text and didn’t have function as Google search word. The point is, nobody could have found my blog through a Google search on my name in less than 48 hours. But somebody knew I had a blog – and they also knew where I was working. And I can assure you it wasn’t anyone I know, since only two of my closest knew where I was working, and only a hand-full of my closest friends knows about my blog. The only way of knowing that I had a blog was therefore through cyberstalking and the only way of knowing where I worked were either through following me physically or Online and as a third option, listening in on my phone-conversations.

I have deleted some names from the email correspondence as well as I have deleted some text concerning other issues, not related to the anonymous phone-caller.


The email-correspondence is in Danish, but I did make an English translation back in September 2018, that can be found on this blog:

Translations of emails in relation to the anonymous phone caller

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