UN Human Rights Violation – Submission November 2019

November 2019 I made a submission to the UN concerning human rights violations. The violations concerns the illegal targeting of innocent people within our democracies. I do have my doubt now, wherther this submission is even valide – and if so, if the UN even received my submission, since I had to do it 4 […]

(Documentation 5 – PDF file) 2018: Someone called my work anonymously

September 2018 my job received an anonymous phone-call from an unknown male-figure, who wanted to worn them about me, since I was mentally ill, according to the anonymous phone-caller, who referred my work to this blog as a prove. I have already written about this incident back in 2018, but have decided to publish the […]

(Video documentation 3) 2019: They have made a fake sex advertisement with my name and number.

This video I have already showed in a video diary, but for the purpose of my video documentation I will only make short videos based on one theme at the time. My next video is going to be a “brand new” video, that I haven’t shown before, it is a video about the physical gang […]

(Video documentation 1) 2017 “Intimidation”: they are shooting around me.

The first video I would like to post presenting my case as a targeted individual being exposed to crimes on a daily basis since 2016 is a remake/re-editing of the shooting incident and another incident, where physical intimidation was committed against me all the way back in 2017. This was after I almost had moved […]

I haven’t been maintaining my blog as I would have liked to during 2019

During 2019 I haven’t maintained my blog as I would have liked to. The reason is, that I’m still writing on my personal story as a targeted individual. I was aiming at 100 pages in the beginning, but have now written 200 pages and not a single page is too much. I suppose most targeted […]