My case: Presentation

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.

Albert Einstein

This presentation is a presentation of the abuse I’ve been exposed to, in my opinion, since childhood in the name of science and research, but especially since 2016, when I first became aware of the fact, that I was being exposed to organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

I know others in my situation who won’t publish their evidence and documents, since the evidence will then be useless in court. However since the system has let me down over and over again, I prefer the people’s court.

So, each and every one can make up their own mind about what is right and what is wrong?

Forensic evidence from my past

Let me begin with the beginning and present my most important evidence to this day – which should prove, that I have been exposed to human experimentation for decades.

I’ll present it in a separate document along with other documents and personal evidence validating my claims.

Hair analysis and Chemtrails

Early 2020 I realized I had Morgellon Disease. This was quite a shock – and I began a new research into this man-made condition, named Morgellon Disease – only to learn I had been having Morgellon Disease at least since 1994.

One way I chose external researchers in these times – where truth is history, is by comparing my own first hand findings with other researchers – and one researcher who have been almost spot on every time is Harald Kautz-Vella.

To give an example Harald Kautz-Vella claims that the heavy metals (barium, strontium, aluminum) coming from Chemtrails is integrated in the bone-marrow as part of the Morgellon Disease, replacing calcium and copper. Last year I had a hair-analysis done by a German company – and it turned out, I had much too little copper and calcium and way too much strontium in my body.

To me the coincidence is hard to ignore.

If you doubt the existence of Chemtrails please read the Space Preservation Act from 2001.

Morgellon Disease

The hair analysis brings me to Morgellon Disease. This disease – or condition, as I prefer to call it, is a chapter in itself, concerning both the health of me and my animals.  I have therefore chosen to present it separately as an ongoing diary.

Organized Stalking

In august 2017 I got my first solid evidence of organized stalking – a year after it began: Before I had received some sort of satanic messages, containing two words: Hello Dear. That was back in late 2015, but it was to take me almost a year before I couldn’t close my eyes to all the changes accelerating throughout 2016.

I was in shock and disbelief, this couldn’t possibly be happening in Denmark. For almost another year I was being stalked and harassed before I was able to get myself together and start documenting the events.

It is almost impossible, and one has to be creative – but in august 2017 I was able to video-record to incidents that I later handed over to the police.

Original video August 1st 2017 01:52 AM
Original video August 9th 2017 04:04 AM

Between February 2017 and October 2018 I was almost constantly on the run. I had sold my apartment in the summer of 2017 and bought a car, in which I often had to sleep during the summer of 2017, due to the electromagnetic harassment. I had bought a hunting camera that I had placed under my car – and it was in that connection, that I was able to film two events taking place right outside my car – in a quite area just outside Copenhagen.

One week after the first shooting incident, I was exposed to yet another shooting incident. I had given up my latest sleeping spot and was parked right outside a police station in a fairly remote area of Copenhagen, when a car drove up next to mine and fired 3 shots, before it slowly drove away – right outside the police station?!

The same day I went to the police, only to learn weeks later, that my case had been closed the same day I handed over the video evidence. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to record the second shooting incident – but since I was parked right outside a police station it shouldn’t really matter. Why, because they have surveillance themselves – but I heard nothing and the police did nothing – only dead silences.

My faith in the system was beginning to fall apart.

The police report is in Danish. What is worth noticing is that it was filed the same day I went to the police.

August 18th 2017

While I was editing my website in February 2021 I had to go back and download the police report from 2017 on a secure email system, since I couldn’t find the first download.

I first posted the police report back in June 2018 and didn’t realize before February 2021, that there were to copies of the same police report. The first police report was sent to me early June 2018; the second copy of the same police report wasn’t sent to me before July 2018: And these two reports paint a different picture. In the first report it says that my case was filed the same day I handed over the evidence to the police, in the second police report it says my case was filed four days later on August 22nd 2017. I was shocked – the police had sent me a new copy, after I had posted the police report on this website back in June 2018, and had changed the date concerning when they had filed my report.

No wonder I was losing my faith in the system.

This was my first presentation, which shoulndn’t need further explanation. However, since this is an ongoing crime, I have decided to split my case into 3 separate pages, where I present other parts of these covert crimes committed against me and thousands around the world.

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