Tiny machines

A good friend of mine, Johan – who is also being targeted, sent me a link that could explain the inner technology I’m having inside my body. It is tiny machines that delivers “medicin” into the intestines. And when I look at the transformation of the inner technology under the microscope – there is a good chance, that these inner technologies (that I’m being sprayed with on a daily basis at the moment by gangstalkers in their cars – almost like chemtrails are being sprayed upon humanity by airplanes) are indeed tiny machines delievering their toxins.

Morgellon Disease and inner technologies – Alf

My dog Alf is by far the one who has been most affected during 2020, when it comes to the use of inner technologies. In the future I will be making more videos about Alf, since I have quite a lot of documentation.

However for approximate 6 month I have been having heavy issues with hacking, destruction of video evidence and some distant administrator controlling my computers and online life. So, it takes time and I have to be very careful.

In the video I mention something incorrect – at one point I’m saying the “contact linse” can change size while I’m watching – that is incorrect, what I meant was, that it can disappear while I’m watching.

Morgellon Disease – update

It has been a while since I made any update concerning the health situation in my house. Especially my own battle with the Morgellon Disease I haven’t been adressing for ages, so here is a short video.

The good thing about Morgellon Disease, if there is any – is, that it is possible to show the outside world physically what is going on behind the scenes and it is quite a different story than the story we are being told through mainstream media.

Forensic evidence from my past

Writing my testimony in the form of a novel has really been eye-opening and quite a task.

For the last two years I’ve been writing down my story in combination with our shared history. It is written in Danish, but if things go well, it will be translated into English.

Right now I’m still in the process of editing. I could go on forever, since this is an ongoing story, but have chosen to focus on my past and the first years of the organized stalking.

My situation is still the same – actually it has gone from bad to worse during 2020, which I personally connect with the rollout of 5G and the amount of evidence piling up.

Many awful things has been going on during 2020, especially the targeting of my dogs is the most heinous crime I have ever witnessed. It has been so violent, so heartbreaking to watch I have no words, but I have also been documenting the process along the way, since this is my only option, to fight back with the only weapon I have – the truth!

With that being said I have decided to share parts of my forensic evidence.

Since 2018 I’ve been collecting all possible medical journals. There are many and even more have been destroyed – but now and then I got lucky.

The common picture throughout the decades has been that all my doctors have been doubtful about what was wrong with my health. 

In all journals the conclusion is the same: I’m hard to diagnose and there are great confusion about the nature of my illnesses.

Whether I’m talking Morgellon Disease back in 1994, which no doctor was able to diagnose, or I’m talking every other imaginable illness I’ve been suffering from during my life – the picture is the same: in my journals all doctors are confused about my health-situation.

After this short introduction to the worldview of nature science let me jump to quantum physic. I knew nothing about quantum physic when I first began my medical investigation in 2018.

I therefore didn’t know how quantum physic is the keystone in the science behind wifi, microwaves, radar, directed energy and other technologies build on frequencies (even Morgellon Disease has components connected to quantum physic called quantum dots).  Especially back in 1997, where I was having my first severe breakdown, I knew nothing about quantum physic.

Nor was I into New Age or anything of that nature, when I suddenly collapsed in 1997 and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance in an unconscious stage. I later learned I had been ice-cold in half of my body and burning hot in the other half of my body, when I was unconscious.

I woke up at intensive care to a totally new world: A world with heavy anxiety and a body in physical chaos.

My thought was back then, I’m not going to survive – this is how violent the whole experience was.

I was given Xanaz to calm me down and for approximate half an hour everything seemed to settle down until my situation took a turn for the worse and I was thrown out in a physical chaos – which included inner energies raging inside my body, symptoms of energies in my spin and multi-orgasms, which were far for pleasant.

I myself have never been into New Age, but a friend who had rushed to the hospital and was sitting at my bedside said “you have a kundalini awakening.”

Kundalini?! I was devastated, I’m a spiritual human being, but kundalini wasn’t something I was seeking voluntarily.

So, how was it even possible, that I should end up under circumstances that appeared to be a kundalini awakening – I had never been into yoga or meditation?

1997. First day in my new life – a life full of inner and outer energies and all sorts of strange phenomenon. I was young, I was in inner chaos, and I knew nothing – my only explanation was that I was dealing with meta-physical forces/energies.

Fast forward to 2019 – 2020.

My first finding was the document, Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation written by Julianne McKinney, a former American intelligent-officer. In the document she at one point describes how Xanaz can give reverse side-effects in high energy fields.

Both drugs can lead to dependance and a worsening of the patient’s condition. The effects of all such drugs, in fact, can be mutated in high-energy fields, thus increasing the likelihood of adverse reactions (McKinney, 1992 – page 17).

High energy fields and reverse side-effects?! Could that explain why Xanaz was suddenly having the opposite effect after 30 minutes back in 1997?

I was on the track of something bigger, but it was to become even more mindblowing.

Late 2020 I accidently found a document concerning the connection between kundalini awakening and frequencies.

I was blown away. I had been searching for ever after some sort of connection, which could physically prove the link between my breakdown in 1997 and directed energy weapons.

In a Stargate-document, Analysis and assessments of Gateway Process from 1983 declassified by the CIA in 2003 and written by the American military it says:

Although normally a period of meditation involving intense concentration and practice for five years or some is required to “bring up the Kundalini,” Bentov states that exposure to mechanical or acoustical vibrations in the range of 4 – 7 Hertz (cycles per second) for protracted periods may achieve the same effect. Bentov cites as an example “repeated riding in a car whose suspension and seat combination produce that range of vibrations, or being exposed for long periods of time to these frequencies (…).” He also notes that: “The cumulative effects of these vibrations may be able to trigger a spontaneous physio-Kundalini sequence in susceptable people who have a particularly sensitive nervous system” (McDonnell, 1983 – page 5).

I couldn’t believe my luck – I had found a link between kundalini and induced frequencies. Mindblowing, but it was to become even more convincing.

Only a few weeks ago I decided to read the journal written by the psychiatrist I had gone to in 2001 as a result of the devastating breakdown back in 1997. For four years I had been handling the paranormal phenomenon’s myself, that followed after my breakdown, but the anxiety and negative thought-patterns that had followed were debilitating in a way that made me seek help at a psychiatrist.

In his journal it is noted how I’m not psychotic in any way and how I’m very hard to diagnose – but more noticeable, Kundalini is often mentioned.

Back in 2001 – 2003 which is the period where I went to the psychiatrist from time to time I was still having slight kundalini symptoms: But that was not the most convincing evidence. What connected the dots were some EEG-findings from the same period.

Both in 2001 and 2003 I have medical documents stating that I had moderate abnormalities in the range of 4 – 7 Hz.

The devil is in the detail: 4 – 7 Hz.

Bentov states that exposure to mechanical or acoustical vibrations in the range of 4 – 7 Hertz (cycles per second) for protracted periods may achieve the same effect (McDonnell, 1983 – page 5).

I had found my evidence, when I compared the EEG-findings with the document Analysis and Assessments of Gateway Process. Not only is it described in my journals, that I had kundalini symptoms, EEG findings also found abnormalities in the range of 4 – 7 Hz.

What are the odds?

For years I’ve been claiming, that I’ve been exposed to directed energy weapons and covert experiments – and here it was black on white. Covet experiments that grew out of the Cold War and a hidden arms-race between East and West: What better human subject than the child of “the enemy”, when it came to Mind Control?

After this little pick into my medical background – and life as an involuntary human test-subject it is my believe, that I’m close to proving the existence of these weapon and covert human experimentations: In my case in the form of Trauma Based Mind Control – which is not far from the concept behind organized stalking: The goal is to breakdown the target to a point where he or she will either self-destruct or destruct.

And in that sense I’m the living prove that Mind Control has its limits. They can destroy the mind but not the soul and I have chosen to turn these heinous crimes into something positive – the truth: The truth about my life and these covert crimes.

The truth will set you free (John 8:31-32).