The CIA and FBI are behind most if not all terrorism.

Ted Gunderson (former chief of FBI Los Angeles).

By sharing personal evidence I have chosen common good over self interest. I’m determent to prove, what is going on by using me as an example and coming forward with my name. It is not something I take lightly, but if others in similar situations can use my case for anything positive – it has been worth it.

For more details I have posted my submission from 2019 to the UN:

Second submission to UN in 2020:

My name is Anne and I’m a Danish citizen.

I have a Master degree in psychology and educational science and used to work as a teacher for many years, before I was exposed to organized stalking.

Now I can’t get a job – and if I do, people will call my work anonymously – claiming I’m insane.

It began in 2016.

Today it is my opinion, I’m able to prove, I’ve been a victim of covert experimentation/family targeting most likely due to my families political background (both my parents died at a fairly young age under circumstances worth noticing).

My grandmother, Dagmar Andreasen was a well-known personality and writer speaking from the left side of the political spectrum in Denmark during the Cold War: Aswell as my parents became blacklisted by the United States, despite the fact that their political activities were considered as legal political involvement in Denmark.

My family was therefore already “on the radar”, so to speak, during the Cold War – not that I have ever been politically involved, but I am a non-conformist by heart.

Soon after my parents were blacklisted by the US, I began having my first significant health-issues, which I believe I’m able to connect to Directed Energy Weapons today and programs such as Trauma Based Mind Control.

Only recently did I learn that organized stalking is part of Trauma Based Mind Control. A stalking and harassment so violently, I was in and out of hospitals for the first year.

Apparently the idea behind organized stalking is to drive the target into a situation of despair: But instead of falling apart, I have chosen to turn these crimes into a positive task: Proving my case.

Late 2018 I began writing my testimony in the form of a novel. At first the goal was 100 pages – today I have written almost 250 pages.

It has been quite a task – and taken me much longer than anticipated, since I wanted to know my history – the untold story about the western world and do my research into my medical background thoroughly (I got lucky in that connection). My hope is that my efforts can help others in my situation in their own defense in the future – since this unjustly war is not won one man alone, but by joint forces.

All my best to the people who wants to live in a free and peaceful world.


NB. Due to listening to others in similar situations worldwide another explanation for my targeting could be, that my bloodtype is RH negative?

Former representative i Missouri, Jim Guest

Space Preservation Act 2001

What is the targeted individual program?

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