Rosa Koire connects the dots

Rosa Koire is someone I have not paid enough attention to. In this YouTube Video she is connecting the dots, including organized stalking with the agenda 21, in a comprehensible way. My comment to the Black Lives Matter movement is – that it began as a legit protest-movement and was later on infiltrated by theContinue reading “Rosa Koire connects the dots”

(Video documentation) Bad intentions – the Intruders

Recently a car full of 5 young men parked outside my property in the middle of the night and stayed for more than 20 minutes. I got the incident on my surveillance system and even if it is a bit long, it is obvious, that I’m their target and they only had bad intentions. I’mContinue reading “(Video documentation) Bad intentions – the Intruders”

Video Diary – December 29th 2019

I can not describe how awful this Christmas has been. I have given up keeping a daily journal on my blog, but sometimes an update can be necessary. In this case, it was one event that took place December 26th during the night/early morning. I was sitting in my bed writing on my story, whichContinue reading “Video Diary – December 29th 2019”

(Video documentation 4) 2018 – 2019: Organized stalking

I have now made 4 videos where I present some of my most obvious evidence of organized stalking, and will slow down a bit, since I’m unable to multitask and have been neglecting writing on my story in the process. I don’t have many resources due to the harassment and have been spending quite someContinue reading “(Video documentation 4) 2018 – 2019: Organized stalking”