Dr.Matt’s speech at the Second Annual Targeted Individual Day Protest

I want to share Dr. Matts speech at the second annual TI day this August, since I find him to be a very powerful speaker.

I don’t however agree with everything he says, but most of it. For instance I don’t believe this is only a network of criminal gangs, which buys directed energy weapons on the black market.

For a long time I did believe I was only dealing with criminals, due to the gang stalkers I mainly saw in the beginning and the fact, that I couldn’t comprehend that institutions within western governments could be somehow involved in these atrocities. However as time went by and I was exposed to more and more people involved in the organized stalking, it became harder and harder to maintain an image of this being only “criminals” (the truth is, they are all criminals).

Furthermore, wherever I went the people behind the organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment were able to access me not only from cars, but just as often from neighbor houses etc. – which is only possible if the network is well integrated in our society: so in my case, this is not only criminals, this is also ordinary family people – and selected people from almost all parts of society seems to be involved.

During 2018 these crimes simply grew out of proportions and I was unable to maintain this “innocent” picture I used to have of our democracy and the world we are living in.

It is also my opinion that Dr. Matt contradict himself, when he refers to the ignorance of the police: Because if this were truly crimes committed by outlaws and criminals, and you could present evidence of these crimes, which happens from time to time, why would the police still ignore these crimes – you can only ignore the problem to a certain extend and then you can’t ignore it anymore (besides the police themselves have access to certain types of directed energy weapons, so it cannot be that much of a surprise to them).

So, I myself have seen far to much to believe, that these people behind the organized stalking and harassment are nothing but criminals. Let me give a last example: In 2017 I was sometimes sleeping in my car due to these extreme directed energy attacks. On two occasions the people behind the organized stalking drove up to my car in the middle of the night and fired gunshots. The first incident I managed to film, the second incident was in front of a police station, where I was parked for the night, since I thought it was a safe place to sleep. Nevertheless, during the night a car drove up next to mine and fired three warning shots up in the air (the first shot woke me up) and then SLOWLY drove away again.


In my opion this attitude is far too arrogant to be – only criminals. These people must have been quite convinced, they wouldn’t get caught, and to make the situation worse, the next week (after I had reported both incidents to the police) a gate was put up in front of the place, where I had been sleeping, so I wasn’t able to sleep in front of the police station again.


Since these crimes are “hidden” it is my assumption, that we paint a picture of reality based on our own experiences as targeted individual. Let me therefore be honest – I don’t know with 100 % certainty, who is behind these crimes – I have a very good picture, but I don’t have any bulletproof evidence – so I could be wrong.

A last thing that I want to add to Dr. Matts speech is – that these weapons are not torture weapons, these directed energy weapons are deadly weapons, that can kill a target. I myself were hospitalized twice back in 2017: The first time I was hospitalized for 8 – 9 days, and the second time I was hospitalized for 2 – 3 days, being unable to breathe, because my lungs were destroyed – since then I’ve been dealing with many fatal health issues.

Besides that, I think it is an good speech, that pinpoints life as a targeted individual and captures the essence of these crimes.

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