Must watch – Bigger than Snowden

My friend Johan has made a pilot about the targeting of civilians in our Western societies, whether it is through modern surveillance technologies or directed energy weapons. It is a video about the present situation in our democracies and, INDIRECTLY, the consequences the war on terror have had on human rights for all people supposedly living in free democracies.

My personal view on the pilot is, that Johan is a brilliant storyteller, who knows how to communicate in a creative and precise way.

As a last comment – the video is only a pilot and Johan will continue working with the subject and refine the message – but so far, it is already good.

Due to new laws that forbids the use of using other sources freely, the first video has been deleted by YouTube (times are certainly changing). I therefore link to another of Johan’s videos almost identical to the first one, being deleted by YouTube – though not quite:

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