If you believe directed energy weapons are nothing but fiction, please watch this video

The video quality is not very good, but it’s a short video – and very informative.

Some weeks ago I wrote the Planetarium in Copenhagen, asking them if they could please tell me, who the military satellites above Denmark belonged to.

The short answer was no – it’s a secret.

However, today I got one step closer to my answer, after Johan (another Danish targeted individual) drew my attention to: http://www.deps.org (directed energy professional society) and I found a link on the website directing me to the directed energy summit.

I know NASA’s International Space Station is not the same as the US military space program, launched under Ronald Regans administration. However the close ties between Denmark, other NATO countries and the US, does make me wonder – if NATO is part of the US “secret” space weapon program?

For more informations about the “secret” space weapon program please read Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (Congress 1997 – 2013) The Space Preservation Act also known as Bill H.R.2977 – 107th Congress 2001 under documents https://targetedindividualdenmark.com/important-info-links/

More about the relationship between US Schriever Airforce Base and Denmark:


And what is meant by – sharing information – on the Schriever Airforce Base page concerning the joint relationship between Schriever Airforce Base and 14 other countries including Denmark? What information?

Finally a direct link to the 2018 directed energy summit:


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