Video diaries

Besides posting evidence of the crimes committed against me since 2016, I will also post relevant video documentation from my life.

Documentation from my daily life, which in my opinion supports my case – or at least paint a picture of what goes on in my life.

I won’t post videos of myself for obvious reasons, since this blog is being used against me by my perpetrators. Instead I will post pictures of my animals and the development in their health-situation. It is absolutely terrible, what goes on in my house, whenever I’m not having visitors etc. Most guest talks about how lovely it is to sleep in my house, and how peaceful it is – I can not say the same, nor can my animals.

Since the summer of 2019 I’ve been posting video documentation mainly about my dogs and the high amount of Radio Frequencies (microwaves etc.) in my house and on my property.

It is also my assumption, that the damage from the directed energy weapons are most visible, when you look at my dogs health situation. In that connection it makes sense to focus on my dogs health, especially the oldest, Pedy – who turned 2 years this summer.

But I might warn you, that it is absolutely a horror, what is being done to him and I’m going to show everything.

Today is November 27th 2019. I had my dog from Portugal November 17th 2018. A lot of awful things has been happening since then – and my dog, Pedy is almost transformed into a mutilated torture victim.

It breaks my heart – and it makes me even more determined to prove, what have been done to me and everything and everyone I love and care about, of horrendous, covert crimes during the years.

Video diary – August 7th 2019

Video diary July 19th 2019

My dog Pedy