The health of my animals

This page is dedicated to my dog, Pedy – since he is a case in his own. I will therefore post all relevant documents, voice-recordings etc. from the vet, as well as I will post pictures and other materials in a timeline. So, others can follow the horrendous journey, he has been on, since I got him back in November 17th 2018.

It is very critical – and still the vets haven’t been able to come up with a diagnose. They do find indications, that something is terrible wrong – but are otherwise puzzled.

I know exactely what is going on – and it breaks me emotionally to watch how he is being tormented on a daily basis. The torture of my dog clearly also have an aspect of behavior modification – meaning whenever I write on my story, which is hopefully soon finished, or whenever I work on my blog etc. – the mutilation of my dog escalates.

October – November 2019 have been hideous – just as it was the case last spring. Kind people have contacted me and asked me, why I don’t use any shielding such as cobber etc.

I’ve been aware, I was a targeted individual since 2016 – I have been hospitalized for the physical effects of the directed energy weapon assault more than once. I have therefore tried everything, when it comes to shielding – and my experience is, that whenever I try to shield myself and my animals, the intensity of the assaults only gets worse – often putting me in a worse position, than before.

I have also tried to give my dog away, with little luck – on top of that, we are very emotionally connected. He is a street dog from Portugal – and is very attached to me – so to give him away and expose to extra stress in that connection, with no result, since the targeting continuous, I can’t do.

My only option is to put him to rest, if I don’t find some solution. And believe me it is not an easy decision: Because he is the most amazing dog I ever had, the most kind, gentle and intelligent dog I ever had.

Looking back – I should never have had any animals. But I’m a normal individual, who don’t think like these people behind the organized crimes – and it was therefore a total shock, that my dog was even considered as a target. Not to mention, that I find it very stupid – since it makes it very apparent, that something is very wrong in my house.

December 16th 2019.

My dog Pedy and my puppy Alf are being targeted hard again, so I’ll post the latest medical journals concerning my dog Pedy.

The doctors do find symptoms, but they find no sickness.

The latest discovery is that the amount of white blood cells are to high, and the amount of red blood cells to low, which indicates an inflamation. He also have more swollen lymph nodes and is losing more of his fur.

If any have an explanation how this can be related to microwaves please let me know – or what test to make, to prove that he is exposed to high amounts of microwaves. I would really appreciate it, since this has to be proven.

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