My Case

This presentation is a presentation of the abuse I’ve been exposed to most likely since childhood in the name of science and research, but especially since 2016, when I first became aware of the fact, that I was being exposed to organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

I know others in my situation that won’t publish their evidence and documents, since the evidence will then be invalid in court. Well, that is a handy clause they have build into the legal system and it isn’t serving me.

What if I died? Then what?

No, I have had enough of going through the system and much rather prefer the people’s court.

So, each and every one can make up their own mind about what is right and what is wrong?

I’ll present every document, I’ve been able to collect – and God knows, it isn’t easy when you are exposed to covert crimes, begining with the physical evidence and the moving on to circumstantial evidence.

However without taking the time to watch all evidence, it is going to be hard to follow my journey and the fact – that I am indeed exposed to covert crimes and high amounts of microwaves.

If you want to know more about my situation before looking at the evidence, you are welcome to read my submission to the UN in 2019, in which I describe my situation in more details:


Documentation 1: Shooting incident.

My first presentation is from 2017 and involves a shooting incident and another intimidation event. The videoevidence was handed over to the police, who closed the case the same day I filed a request. I later complained about the way these, in my mind, very obvious documentation of harassment by people I have no affiliation with was handled by the police.

Intimidation tactics

Link to the original blogpost.

(Video documentation 1) 2017 “Intimidation”: they are shooting around me.


Documentation 2: Drones flying around my house.

After I moved to the southern part of Denmark to get away from the city and stalkers hanging out in nearby apartments, I started to see the first drones around December 2018 flying around my house at night, but it wasn’t until March 2019, that I was able to document these drones, since they always closed the light as soon as they were up in the air. The timeframe was therefore very narrow as well as it is hard to film these drones after dark.

Drones in the middle of nowhere.


Poetic drone.

Link to the original blogposts.

(Video documentation 2) 2019: Drones seems to be the new thing.


Documentation 3: They have made a fake sex advertisement in my name.

This video is nothing but a phone conversation between me and a man calling my asking for sex. That is how I became aware, that somebody had made a sex advertisement in my name and with my phonenumber. Unfortunately the conversation is in danish.

Phone conversation.

Link to the original blogpost.

(Video documentation 3) 2019: They have made a fake sex advertisement with my name and number.


Documentation 4: Stalked by stalkers in cars.

It is extremely hard to show, that you are indeed being stalked with a small pocket camera. On top of that, there has been so many incidents where I just didn’t have my camera ready or where it was to provocative/dangerous.

Followed by stalkers.

Link to the original blogpost.

(Video documentation 4) 2018 – 2019: Organized stalking


Documentation 5: Anonymous phone call to my work.

Link to the original blogposts.

(Documentation 5 – PDF file) 2018: Someone called my work anonymously


NB. This blog is a ongoing description of my life as a targeted individual.