My Case


Before jumping to any conclusions, I’ll urge you to read the letter from Lynn A. Surgalla, former Vice-president of United States Psychotronics Association sent to the Court – and the letter from the american politician, Jim Guest, concerning electromagnetic harassment. Because I know my case is a hard one to swallow, so if there is any way, I can prepare you, I will.



After reading Lynn A. Surgalla and Jim Guest’s letters, you might also want to read the Bill ( Bill HR2977 ) Surgalla is referring to, in her letter, while it is highly disturbing reading – especially since most people don’t know about these space-weapons.


Another Important piece of information, is a document, in which the whole Gang Stalking phenomenon is explained.


I truly appreciate your time and the interest you’re showing.


Documentation (evidence):

Since it is very hard to document hidden crimes, you have to be creative, if you want to collect evidence. However it is important to look at all the evidence to get the bigger picture.

I have sent a request to the police

Documenting a microwave attack

The sound of the silent holocaust

Being followed

Translations of emails in relation to the anonymous phone caller

Life as a Silver Paper Hat

Drones flying around my house

Video diary April 2019

My medical journals (documentation):

My medical journals 1 – psychiatric evaluations

Symptoms – heart-issues

My medical journals 2 – heart-issues etc.


Back at the hospital

When I think about it, it is just so obvious

Sharing new evidence – ECG measurements

Other evidences of a hidden war against humanity:

Operation Mind Control

Do not resist – a documentary

Reality check – Harold Pinter Nobel Prize speech.

The Putin Interviews

The invisible third world war

“Head” of the European Human Brain Project.


If you haven’t heard about the H.A.A.R.P technology, now is a good time

Stay Behind

Estimation of T.I.’s worldwide

Take back your power

The 4th Estate’s version of reality

Barrie Trower

Electromagnetic harassment of my nearest and dearest