My Case 3

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance

Albert Einstein

Drones flying around my house.

After I moved to the southern part of Denmark to get away from the city and stalkers hanging out in nearby apartments, I started to see the first drones around December 2018 flying around my house at night, but it wasn’t until March 2019, that I was able to document these drones, since they always closed the light as soon as they were up in the air. The timeframe was therefore very narrow as well as it is hard to film these drones after dark.


They have made a fake sex advertisement in my name (in Danish):

This video is nothing but a phone conversation between me and a man calling me, asking for sex. That is how I became aware, that somebody had made a sex advertisement in my name and with my phone number. Unfortunately the conversation is in Danish.

Link to the original blogpost.

(Video documentation 3) 2019: They have made a fake sex advertisement with my name and number.

Stalked by stalkers in cars.

It is extremely hard to show, that you are indeed being stalked with a small pocket camera. On top of that, there has been so many incidents where I just didn’t have my camera ready or where it was to provocative/dangerous.

Anonymous phone call to my work.

Late 2018 I was told by my employer, that someone had called my work anonymously expressing concern about my mental health, claiming to be a good friend of mine. This is the most visible evidence of how my worklife is and has been sabotaged since 2017 in any possible way – wherther they call my work or us other tactics.

The correspondence between me and my employer is in Danish, but I have made an earlier translation if you follow the link – English translation.

Danish version – PDF:

Link to the original blogpost.

(Documentation 5 – PDF file) 2018: Someone called my work anonymously

English translation.

Documentation 6: Conversation with the police (in Danish).

This is not really an evidence – however it is an evidence of the hopeless situation I’ve been in for years, when it comes to the police and other authorities. It also provide a good picture into the absurdity of the system and how impossible it is to get the police to take action, even when I’m able to provide them with undeniable evidence.

Link to original blogpost:

(Audio documentation) Conversation with the police concerning my latest complaint

Documentation 7: Electro Hyper Sensitivity

Recently I was diagnosed with the condition – electro hyper sensitivity, which is a deterioration of the brain due to microwaves. This is maybe one of my most obvious evidence of the directed energy attacks I’ve been exposed to for years: There used to be a before – this is after electromagnetic harassment, which are significant consequences.

Danish version – PDF:

Link to the original blogpost (English version):

Documentation 8: Measuring microwaves on my property

In this video I’ll measure the microwaves on my property as well as I’ll test other environments – and the validity of my devices. These tests also counts as direct evidence, in my opinion, of high amounts of microwaves in my home environment.

Hacking of my privacy online.

The stalking I’ve been exposed to covers all aspects of my life and privacy. I can do nothing private anymore. The question is – who can? However, some are more affected by the surveilliance society than others – that is for sure.

These documentations were some om my most convincing evidence ready to be presented to others to make their own judgement. I do have other evidence though, that paints a more detailed picture of my situation – so you are welcome to continue.

All evidence, including video diaries, are pieces in the big picture.

Documentation 11: Being followed.

2017 was the most intense year, when it comes to the physical stalking – often by cars. I have ruined an external hard-drive and have lost most of the videos from that timeframe, other times it has been to dangerous or I just didn’t have my camera ready. It is extremely hard to show these hidden activities partly because of the above mentioned reasons – however sometimes I got lucky.

I will also add, that I’ve gotten better. In the beginning I was just blown away and didn’t really know what to do. However it can still be very hard to show the fact, that I’m stalked.

Documentation 12: Hospital-journals

2017 was the most extreme year, both when it comes to gang stalking and electromagnetic harassment – and I often had to seek medical care. Twice I was hospitalized in life-threatening situations, due to the intense covert attacks with all covert means possible, including chemical poison – day in and day out.

Since December 2019 they have stepped up the electromagnetic harassment significantly again – right after I published the conversation with the police, in which I’m told the police can’t offer any help – still!

I’m not going to share all my medical journals, so I’m only going to redirect you to the original blogpost – it is long, so you can skip it, since I will make a more comprehensible one soon.

Link to original blogpost:

Documentation 13: Low-frequent sounds.

This video is tricky, since this might be a video, where people can accuse me of being delusional: However since I know what these sounds truly are an expression of, I’ll share it anyways – since it is evidence of the technologies being used leaving low-frequent sounds in my house/building: But they are very hard to hear so high volume and headphones are need or it doesn’t really matter.

Link to the original blogpost:

NB. This blog is a ongoing description of my life as a targeted individual and I will do a whole lot more investigation into my health and the environment I’m living in during Spring 2020.

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