My case: Morgellon Disease

I can create small controllable robotic units, at the nano-scale that can be airborne and create a nano-swarm, a bio-penetrable material, that you cannot see, that can penetrate all the most robust bio-filters. (…) That can be up taken by the vascular system, to create clumping. (…) and these can be weaponized. And they can be done in such a level, that their presence is almost impossible to detect.

Dr. James Giordano – Head of European Brain Project.

I 2020 I received the diagnose Electro Hyper Sensitivity Syndrome (EHS) after I had been tested by the now retired Doctor and Lecturer Emeritus at Syddansk University in Denmark, John Jalving (one of the only respected researchers in Denmark who are fighting openly against the rollouts of microwave technologies – 5 G and the Smart-Grid).

Finally I was able make a connection between my increasingly bad health and microwaves and the electromagnetic harassment I’ve been exposed to 24/7 since 2016.

And if it wasn’t bad enough a few days later I was able to conclude by physical observation that I was also suffering from the condition, Morgellon Disease.

Fibers were growing out of my skin – bursting in open wounds.

This was a totally new venue to me. I had already listened to independent researchers such as Clifford Carnicom, Elana Freeland and Harald Kautz Vella on Youtube and their websites, but never related Morgellon Disease and nano-technologies to my own situation.

I was exposed to organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment, not some artificial internal life-form (A.I. technology).

This part of my case is therefore dedicated to my struggles and forensic data collection, both when it comes to my own situation and the situation of my dogs, who seems to be having a far more dark and troubling version of this evil condition, Morgellon Disease.

For people unfamiliar with the condition I have edited a short introduction by Elana Freeland, the author behind books such as Chemtrails, HAARP and the full spectrum dominance of Planet Earth and Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown etc.

The first thing I did after realizing I had Morgellon Disease was to buy a microscope and change my diet. I had to know in details, what I was dealing with (since this condition is part of a hidden agenda and not recognized by the established science) and collect the most disturbing evidence along the way.

The first three videos I made in 2020 are sort of a collage of different findings from my life in 2020 and can come across as a bit confusing. However realizing I had Morgellon Disease was a shocking and confusing time. Today I’m much more focus and will present each evidences, I personally find worth sharing, in a single presentation.

March 8th 2020

Mai 8th 2020

July 3rd 2020

Fiber material exiting through my eyes 2021

Hair analysis and Chemtrails

Chemtrails is another compound in the hidden agenda – spraying barium, strontium and other metals/toxins to cool down the planet – or so the official story goes.

Harald Kautz Vella talks about how toxins from the chemtrails replace copper and calcium in the bones. Looking at my own hair analysis the connection between Kautz Vellas research and my own findings are undeniable.

I has taken me most of my life to realize, that humanity is not being told the truth. This document – Bill 107 HR 2977 from 2001 presented by the American politician Dennis Kucinich to the Congress confirms the existence of Chemtrails.

Inner Technologies 2021

Inner technologies part two

I have decided to show some samples from 2021 of inner technologies exiting my intestines. However I do have a lot of issues with interference in the editing proces so even though the video quality should be excellent viewers might not have the same impression.

When I view my videos on my website the quality is visibly affected to a degree where all details are blurred out.

These issues are not a new thing – they began with my Youtube videos, which are now almost useless and has now moved to wordpress thanks to my unknown computer administrator.

Should you have any issues viewing my video evidence please let me know.

My video-files are again being destroyed in a massive way – so I have to upload the raw materiale just to combate some of the destruction being done remotely. This video is only to show what the technology looks like visually and is a video of the latest sample I have shown under the microscope.

For more documentation please visit my blog

This page is in an ongoing working process.

NB. It is fair to assume that since both me and my dogs suffer from Morgellon Disease, that it must be contagious: However listening to other Morgellon-victims and looking at my own history – nothing indicates the condition is contagious, since I realized in 2020 that the fibers coming out of my skin were the same as a condition I’ve been having since 1993 – 1994 and I never heard of anyone else being affected by this condition in Denmark.

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