Morgellon disease

March 7th 2020

Recently I was diagnosed with EHS (Electro, Hyper, Sensitivity): This was a relief, since I was able for the first time to point conclusively at microwaves as the only cause to increasing health-issues, in my case as a result of the electromagnetic harassment I’ve been exposed to on a daily basis since 2016.

However, a few days after I posted the blog-post concerning my newly EHS diagnose, I realized I had gotten morgellons. It just blew my mind and I didn’t know how to react – I was horrified: The skin was bursting and fiber was growing out of my hands?!

So, I had to wait – because, this was a totally new venue to me. I had heard about morgellons, I had even watch both Harald Kauzt-Vella and Elana Freeland on YouTube, but it had nothing to do with me, I was exposed to organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

Think again!

This page is therefore specifically dedicated to my struggles with the horrendous condition. I will share my progress and experiences, as well as the morgellons take the targeting of me and my health to a whole new level – not only is it a solid prove of the awful crimes committed against humanity, it is also something I would have like to be without.

Within a day or two I will start posting the first pictures and experiences – and they are not pleasant. It is a violation of me as an individual and a crime of which I have no words.

March11th 2020

Morgellons, chemtrails, transhumanism and what can be done about the disease?

I have put together a little intro-video, where I briefly describe the morgellon disease, the transhumanistic agenda behind as well as what can be done about the disease.

I will go much more into my own situation and the progresses and set-back I’m dealing with, but first a short introduction is needed, since most people don’t know about morgellons – just as it is the case with most of what I’m writing about: organized stalking, electromagnetic harassment and so forward, which by the way are all closely related, as you will learn though listen to people like Elana Freeland and Harald Kautz-Vella – it is all about electromagnetism and reading/controlling the human body in the totalitarian shadow-state – a one world government.

Elana Freeland – Morgellon explained (short introduction).

March 18th 2020

I would have posted my latest video yesterday, however some evil amateur decided to cut the connection to the Internet: So, here is my second Morgellon video.

I can not describe how much of a disaster, it has been – realizing I have Morgellon disease. This is as serious as it gets. And I have, within less than a few days discovered two conditions, Electro Hyper Sensitivity syndrom and Morgellon Disease, that points in no other direction, than electromagnetism and a transhumanistic agenda – and I’m the guinea pig – so if I sound a bit upset now and then, it is for a reason – because, this I just to much.

However, some days are better than others – and even though I have only been dealing with Morgellon Disease for less than a month – there seems to be a close link between the outbreaks and the electromagnetic harassment, especially the use of internal technologies, which I’m convinced today, is the Morgellon Disease/internal fiberoptic network.