My case 2: Morgellon disease

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March 7th 2020

Recently I was diagnosed with EHS (Electro, Hyper, Sensitivity): This was a relief, since I was able for the first time to point conclusively at microwaves as the only cause to increasing health-issues, in my case as a result of the electromagnetic harassment I’ve been exposed to on a daily basis since 2016.

However, a few days after I posted the blog-post concerning my newly EHS diagnose, I realized I had gotten morgellons. It just blew my mind and I didn’t know how to react – I was horrified: The skin was bursting and fiber was growing out of my hands?!

So, I had to wait – because, this was a totally new venue to me. I had heard about morgellons, I had even watch both Harald Kauzt-Vella and Elana Freeland on YouTube, but it had nothing to do with me, I was exposed to organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

Think again!

This page is therefore specifically dedicated to my struggles with the horrendous condition. I will share my progress and experiences, as well as the morgellons take the targeting of me and my health to a whole new level – not only is it a solid prove of the awful crimes committed against humanity, it is also something I would have like to be without.

Within a day or two I will start posting the first pictures and experiences – and they are not pleasant. It is a violation of me as an individual and a crime of which I have no words.


March11th 2020

Morgellons, chemtrails, transhumanism and what can be done about the disease?

I have put together a little intro-video, where I briefly describe the morgellon disease, the transhumanistic agenda behind as well as what can be done about the disease.

I will go much more into my own situation and the progresses and set-back I’m dealing with, but first a short introduction is needed, since most people don’t know about morgellons – just as it is the case with most of what I’m writing about: organized stalking, electromagnetic harassment and so forward, which by the way are all closely related, as you will learn though listen to people like Elana Freeland and Harald Kautz-Vella – it is all about electromagnetism and reading/controlling the human body in the totalitarian shadow-state – a one world government.

Elana Freeland – Morgellon explained (short introduction).


March 18th 2020

I would have posted my latest video yesterday, however some evil amateur decided to cut the connection to the Internet: So, here is my second Morgellon video.

I can not describe how much of a disaster, it has been – realizing I have Morgellon disease. This is as serious as it gets. And I have, within less than a few days discovered two conditions, Electro Hyper Sensitivity syndrom and Morgellon Disease, that points in no other direction, than electromagnetism and a transhumanistic agenda – and I’m the guinea pig – so if I sound a bit upset now and then, it is for a reason – because, this I just to much.

However, some days are better than others – and even though I have only been dealing with Morgellon Disease for less than a month – there seems to be a close link between the outbreaks and the electromagnetic harassment, especially the use of internal technologies, which I’m convinced today, is the Morgellon Disease/internal fiberoptic network.


May 8th 2020: How has the Morgellon Disease been evolving?

I haven’t made an update for quite a while – nor have I been having any major outbreaks since it all first began, so there is a natural explanation to: why I haven’t been writing. I still have some skin issues and now and then I might find a little white or red fiber growing out of my hand, but besides that nothing really dramatic.

So, what have I been doing to fight the disease? Nothing, really. In the beginning I changed my whole way of living – especially my diet, and there seems to be a close link between what you eat and the Morgellon Disease.

However, now I almost back to: how I used to eat – and still the disease seems to be under control. How is that possible? The answer is so simple. Microwaves!

When I first discovered the disease and started to make these posts – the way I had been targeted for the last year also changed. Especially the use of internal technologies was turned down substantially.

Which brings me to the internal technologies. Because, when I look at this whole thing about Morgellon Disease and what has been going on for the last year or more in my life. It is my assumption, that the internal technologies being switch on and off – is indeed the fiberoptic network aka Morgellon Disease.

For a long time I couldn’t figure out, how they were able to move around in my body, as if it was an open space. I could literally feel how “the energy” (which is a pushing, “vibrating” sensation) could move up and down my spin or from one area in my chest region to another – not to mention my brain and lower body parts.

Today I have a pretty good idea. I have been turned into a cyborg – a torture robot, just as my animals.

July 3rd 2020 – My journey with Morgellon Disease:

Since this page could easily become very long. I have decided to post all blog-posts, concerning the Morgellon Disease, on my main blog-site in the future and only make links on this page to future blog-posts.

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