I have sent a request to the police

As part of collecting my medical journals, I also wrote to the police last week requesting a statement regarding why they didn’t investigate the video footage any further of the shooting incident I delivered to them last year. So now I’m waiting for their reply. Translation: In short terms I’m asking the police, why theyContinue reading “I have sent a request to the police”

Letter of validation

Yesterday I became aware of a letter written by former Vice-President of the US Psychotronics Association, defending Dr Millicent Black – and it’s a must-read, being very informative and unsettling at the same time. To read the whole letter along with lots of other affidavits and letters of validation go to this website: https://everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/affidavits-letters-of-validation-and-support-legislation-efforts-attesting-to-ongoing-non-consensual-experimentation-dew-use-on-civilians/

Hopes for the nearest future

I’m in Berlin, celebrating the new year – together with my perpetrators of course, who seems to be well-organized on a global scale. My thoughts and hopes for 2018 in that context, are that all targeted individuals will come together on a global website. I do not have the means to create a website, butContinue reading “Hopes for the nearest future”