The Royal Danish Defence invites Robert David Steele

I find it very interesting, that the Royal Danish Defence has invited Robert David Steele in 2016, who (if any) really knows, what goes on “behind the scenes”. In that connection I would like to add, that I have begun writing to all the political parties in Denmark last month – to inform them aboutContinue reading “The Royal Danish Defence invites Robert David Steele”

They have made a false sex advertisement in my name and with my phone number

Today I was contacted by a man, who had seen a fake advertisement on a website, where women sells sex. Just another proof on how I’m being stalked and harassed on a daily basis. I did record the phone conversation with the poor man, who became so embarrassed, when he realized, I wasn’t the prostitutedContinue reading “They have made a false sex advertisement in my name and with my phone number”

Denmark is 5G test country

Yesterday it was announced in all the major newspapers in Danmark, that we are going to be 5G test country this year. So, not only are the Danish government selling the population to human research in the program Start with Denmark: StartWithDenmarkShort2017 We are also going to be microwaved to pieces. And the decision hasContinue reading “Denmark is 5G test country”

Sharing new evidence – ECG measurements

As I promised, I’m sharing my latest ECG findings. It is late, so I will work on these findings again, since I have made some notes in connection to some of the measurements, especially when I’m awake during the day. However, I can say right now, that I’m not running around – on the contrary!Continue reading “Sharing new evidence – ECG measurements”