Dr. Thomas Cowan on 5G and Corona Virus – banned video.

It is quite disturbing how Dr Cowan has been banned from YouTube. What law allows such banning? The freedom of speech law? Or the yet unknown fake news law? Anyways – Dr Cowans lecture is a must watch and worth sharing, so I do, since I always download whatever is necessary of priceless knowledge –Continue reading “Dr. Thomas Cowan on 5G and Corona Virus – banned video.”

Measuring microwaves on my property

I could show you so many measurements of the microwaves me and my animals are exposed to, and I will make more videos, especially when it comes to my dogs. However this video, where I also test the validity of my devices does give a good picture of my everyday life in my house. ThoughContinue reading “Measuring microwaves on my property”

My best evidence of electromagnetic harassment

Today I was officially declared an EHS-patient (Electro, Hyper, Sensitive). And what does that mean? In short it means that some people for some unknown reason react very badly to the microwaves in our environment. For some unknown reason… Wrong! At least in my case. The fact that I today was declared an EHS-patient isContinue reading “My best evidence of electromagnetic harassment”

Video Diary – December 29th 2019

I can not describe how awful this Christmas has been. I have given up keeping a daily journal on my blog, but sometimes an update can be necessary. In this case, it was one event that took place December 26th during the night/early morning. I was sitting in my bed writing on my story, whichContinue reading “Video Diary – December 29th 2019”


There is my immediate situation as a targeted individual and then there is the immediate situation the world is in. In that connection my story almost fade away – but nevertheless serves as the reality laying ahead, not just for me but for all mankind, animals, plants – the planet. In my opinion 5G andContinue reading “stop5gappeal@protonmail.com”

(Audio documentation) Conversation with the police concerning my latest complaint

We live in a surveillance society – I know that and have learned to document everything of importants. My latest documentation is as conversation with the police I had today. The conversation is in Danish, concerning the latest complaint I filed to the police. I didn’t expect anything, since this I’ve been going to theContinue reading “(Audio documentation) Conversation with the police concerning my latest complaint”

UN Human Rights Violation – Submission November 2019

November 2019 I made a submission to the UN concerning human rights violations. The violations concerns the illegal targeting of innocent people within our democracies. I do have my doubt now, wherther this submission is even valide – and if so, if the UN even received my submission, since I had to do it 4Continue reading “UN Human Rights Violation – Submission November 2019”

The age of Directed Energy Weapons

Today I had to consult my dogs vet again – after a terrible new development in his health history. I will go much more into the terrible mutilation of my animals. I had a long talk with the vet, that I did record – who didn’t find anything wrong with my dog, besides him havingContinue reading “The age of Directed Energy Weapons”

(Documentation 5 – PDF file) 2018: Someone called my work anonymously

September 2018 my job received an anonymous phone-call from an unknown male-figure, who wanted to worn them about me, since I was mentally ill, according to the anonymous phone-caller, who referred my work to this blog as a prove. I have already written about this incident back in 2018, but have decided to publish theContinue reading “(Documentation 5 – PDF file) 2018: Someone called my work anonymously”