Cyberstalking and hacking

Since 2016 I have not only been stalked in real life. I have also been cyber-stalked and bullied on a daily basis. When I want to send an important email – it is never received whether I’m applying for a job, writing to important people and so on. When I’m writing submissions for instance toContinue reading “Cyberstalking and hacking”

A true American – William Binney speaks about the totalitarian one world agenda

It is not often you find interviews with former NSA intelligence official, William Binney in mainstream media – I wounder why. Since Binney is one of the most trustworthy people out there along with Snowden, Assange, Drake, Wiebe, Manning and so on, who really take public service seriously. However one of the best documentaries broadcastedContinue reading “A true American – William Binney speaks about the totalitarian one world agenda”

Robert F. Kennedy Junior – Vaccines… Hm?

There are so many important videos out there, but I tend to stick to the short once, since everybody have 10 minutes – especially after they shut down the world. One disaster after the other – can it really be a coincidence a world economic collapse? First 5G implementation, then right after a Corona VirusContinue reading “Robert F. Kennedy Junior – Vaccines… Hm?”

Dr. Thomas Cowan on 5G and Corona Virus – banned video.

It is quite disturbing how Dr Cowan has been banned from YouTube. What law allows such banning? The freedom of speech law? Or the yet unknown fake news law? Anyways – Dr Cowans lecture is a must watch and worth sharing, so I do, since I always download whatever is necessary of priceless knowledge –Continue reading “Dr. Thomas Cowan on 5G and Corona Virus – banned video.”

Measuring microwaves on my property

I could show you so many measurements of the microwaves me and my animals are exposed to, and I will make more videos, especially when it comes to my dogs. However this video, where I also test the validity of my devices does give a good picture of my everyday life in my house. ThoughContinue reading “Measuring microwaves on my property”

My best evidence of electromagnetic harassment

Today I was officially declared an EHS-patient (Electro, Hyper, Sensitive). And what does that mean? In short it means that some people for some unknown reason react very badly to the microwaves in our environment. For some unknown reason… Wrong! At least in my case. The fact that I today was declared an EHS-patient isContinue reading “My best evidence of electromagnetic harassment”