I keep being blown away by these covert crimes

Since February 2020 I’ve been keeping a journal over the development of my Morgellon Disease. Never in a million years, did I thought it had anything to do with an eye disease, I’ve been having since around 1993- 1994. Back then I went to the doctors, but nobody was able to diagnose the sudden andContinue reading “I keep being blown away by these covert crimes”

Rosa Koire connects the dots

Rosa Koire is someone I have not paid enough attention to. In this YouTube Video she is connecting the dots, including organized stalking with the agenda 21, in a comprehensible way. My comment to the Black Lives Matter movement is – that it began as a legit protest-movement and was later on infiltrated by theContinue reading “Rosa Koire connects the dots”

(Video documentation) Bad intentions – the Intruders

Recently a car full of 5 young men parked outside my property in the middle of the night and stayed for more than 20 minutes. I got the incident on my surveillance system and even if it is a bit long, it is obvious, that I’m their target and they only had bad intentions. I’mContinue reading “(Video documentation) Bad intentions – the Intruders”

Cyberstalking and hacking

Since 2016 I have not only been stalked in real life. I have also been cyber-stalked and bullied on a daily basis. When I want to send an important email – it is never received whether I’m applying for a job, writing to important people and so on. When I’m writing submissions for instance toContinue reading “Cyberstalking and hacking”

A true American – William Binney speaks about the totalitarian one world agenda

It is not often you find interviews with former NSA intelligence official, William Binney in mainstream media – I wounder why. Since Binney is one of the most trustworthy people out there along with Snowden, Assange, Drake, Wiebe, Manning and so on, who really take public service seriously. However one of the best documentaries broadcastedContinue reading “A true American – William Binney speaks about the totalitarian one world agenda”

Robert F. Kennedy Junior – Vaccines… Hm?

There are so many important videos out there, but I tend to stick to the short once, since everybody have 10 minutes – especially after they shut down the world. One disaster after the other – can it really be a coincidence a world economic collapse? First 5G implementation, then right after a Corona VirusContinue reading “Robert F. Kennedy Junior – Vaccines… Hm?”