Cyberstalking and hacking

Since 2016 I have not only been stalked in real life. I have also been cyber-stalked and bullied on a daily basis. When I want to send an important email – it is never received whether I’m applying for a job, writing to important people and so on.

When I’m writing submissions for instance to the UN last year – everything seems to be fine until I try to lock on to the submission just to realize it doesn’t exist etc.

When I write on my Master Thesis, my story or edit videos for my blog – they often interfere or even destroy my work etc., etc.

This short video shows some of the latest experiences with the cyberbullying.

A true American – William Binney speaks about the totalitarian one world agenda

It is not often you find interviews with former NSA intelligence official, William Binney in mainstream media – I wounder why. Since Binney is one of the most trustworthy people out there along with Snowden, Assange, Drake, Wiebe, Manning and so on, who really take public service seriously. However one of the best documentaries broadcasted on mainstream media in Denmark in 2019 is the documentary, Digital Dissidents from 2015. For now you have to put your faith in this Christian TV Channel – telling the truth.

Robert F. Kennedy Junior – Vaccines… Hm?

There are so many important videos out there, but I tend to stick to the short once, since everybody have 10 minutes – especially after they shut down the world. One disaster after the other – can it really be a coincidence a world economic collapse? First 5G implementation, then right after a Corona Virus and now the biggest financial collapse since the 1930’s – due to Corona Virus. Well, then just don’t shut down the world economy, please. What is wrong with you? Is that your best solution?!

This video goes along with Dr Cowan, Corona virus and the whole COVID agenda (Corona Virus Identification soon to come chipping vaccine – I migth add) but be ware – private companies can kill you with their vaccines without you – or your closest relatives left behind, can sue them.

Dr. Thomas Cowan on 5G and Corona Virus – banned video.

It is quite disturbing how Dr Cowan has been banned from YouTube. What law allows such banning? The freedom of speech law? Or the yet unknown fake news law? Anyways – Dr Cowans lecture is a must watch and worth sharing, so I do, since I always download whatever is necessary of priceless knowledge – you never know what might happen? I also went on YouTube to find Dr Thomas Cowan notorious lecture just to find that it is gone – and what frightened me was, that there was fake lectures circulating on YouTube instead of – pretending to be Dr Thomas Cowan, but apparently YouTube has no problem with fake news.

Dr Thomas Cowan

Measuring microwaves on my property

I could show you so many measurements of the microwaves me and my animals are exposed to, and I will make more videos, especially when it comes to my dogs.

However this video, where I also test the validity of my devices does give a good picture of my everyday life in my house.

Though I’m only able to measure hz within the range of 0 mhz to 10 Ghz – all other directed energy technologies such as scalar weapons I’m not able to measure with my devices.

My best evidence of electromagnetic harassment

Today I was officially declared an EHS-patient (Electro, Hyper, Sensitive). And what does that mean? In short it means that some people for some unknown reason react very badly to the microwaves in our environment.

For some unknown reason…

Wrong! At least in my case.

The fact that I today was declared an EHS-patient is my best evidence to this day that I am indeed being electromagnetic harassed, just as I’ve been claiming for years.

I knew, I had to start the journey on collecting evidence of the electromagnetic harassment. I had already been in contact with the EHS-union in Denmark, explaining that I was a victim of electromagnetic harassment and gang-stalking.

That wasn’t received very well, and I felt almost frozen out – meaning all talk about targeted individual was not welcome, most likely because of the stigma that tags to these two words. However the EHS-Union is my best friend in my situation, and they are truly doing a remarkable job.

So I waited for a couple of years thinking, I’m not going to address the electromagnetic harassment again, I’m just going to become a member, so I can begin my journey collecting forensic evidence. And so I did, December 2019.

I will say, that I’m exposed to all sorts of directed energy weapons, and not all produce EHS-symptoms such as being very, very tired and exhausted, having heavy headaches and just laying in my bed. I therefore knew, that I had to wait for the right moment before I did my EHS-test.

This moment occurred a couple of weeks ago after I had been laying in my bed almost 24/7, just sleeping, sleeping due to the intense electromagnetic harassment for a week.

Today I got the answer – you are suffering from EHS aka physiological reactions to microwave exposure

What a day of joy.

Most people would be sad – but I’m already used to disasters – so to me I couldn’t be happier to get prove of this hidden evil.

And this is just the first step on my forensic journey, which also includes my animals, and I already have my first solid evidence.

Unfortunately I had lots of problems when I tried to edit the pdf from the EHS doctor. I tried three different pdf programs but wasn’t able to do something as simple as to underline some text – so:

Normal values in the test between: 1 – 10 IE/ml

My values at the time for the test: 15 IE/ml

Very high values: 20 IE/ml

Video Diary – December 29th 2019

I can not describe how awful this Christmas has been. I have given up keeping a daily journal on my blog, but sometimes an update can be necessary. In this case, it was one event that took place December 26th during the night/early morning.

I was sitting in my bed writing on my story, which very often results in increased directed energy attacks. My dog was laying next to me, curled up in pain, tightening every muscle in his body to compensate for the pain – while moaning.

An can not describe the mental torture it is to witness the mutilation of my animals. It tears me up inside – and this is not a special occasion, this is part of our everyday life – and my puppy, Alf is now also part of the program, meaning he is being mutilated quite extensively too.

I didn’t think it could be any worse – however, as always I was wrong: Because suddenly, on December 26th, my dog Pedy, who had been laying curled up in pain, moaning in his “sleep”/”state of torture”, suddenly gave in an collapsed, hang lifeless, halfway out of the bed.

I’m serious – all life left his body, that went from total muscle tension to absolutely lifelessness, hanging halfway out of the bed. I have to admit, I screamed. I screamed as I have never screamed before. I was in total shock.

Luckily he came to himself again. But this event is the most cruel and horrendous event to this date.

As always I have to adjust. My next project is therefore going to be inside surveillance in my house, so I can also monitor myself and the things happening in my life.

I talked to another Danish T.I., Lone – who is a wonderful person and support, and also a former nurse. Because I was unsure whether my dog actually died or fainted, and she was convinced they actually stopped his heart.

I mean this is the worst nightmare on earth – and I apparently live in a democracy with human rights and a police force that are only there to take care of any injustice.

Well, something has certainly change in our society, but you might not realize it, before it is to late, and you youself is standing in a similar situation.

So, I have to do the investigation etc. myself: The next couple of video documentations are therefore going to be about the electromagnetic hell hole my house has been turned into.

As always it takes time, since I have tons of video footage and have to chose a handful of videos to paint the picture. I’m also going to make video diaries – since they are much faster made, and I want to paint a full picture of the atrocities being committed against me and my animals.

However, today is another video diary about drones. It is almost poetic and reminded me, that it is actually Christmas.

I’m not going to make a lot of videos about drones, since I have already made a lot, only if they add something of value, when it comes to documentation – and I do believe this video does. Especially since the police didn’t want to go any further with the videos of drones flying around my house, being send up in the air from the neighbor ground – because, as they said, last time I filed a complaint: We can not see how far away the drone is – meaning it could be miles.