Åbent brev til politiet

Fredag den 24. juli 2020 opsøgte jeg Vordingborg Politi med den seneste videodokumentation og et brev, hvori jeg forsøgte at understrege alvoren i min situation og at det efterhånden ikke længere kan benægtes, at jeg er udsat for organiseret kriminalitet.

Desværre var politiet hverken interesseret i at modtage mit brev eller den DVD jeg havde med indeholdende dagens bevismateriale/videoer. Det må siges at være en ny udvikling i politiets håndtering af min sag – og det var på alle måder et meget ubehageligt møde jeg havde med den kvindelige politibetjent, der kunne informere mig om, at jeg kunne benytte mig af politi.dk og tage vedhæfte skærmprint, hvis jeg skulle ligge inde med beviser.


Vil politiet nu have skærmprint af hackerangreb, forfølgelse, fem unge mænd ude foran min ejendom, åbnet pakkepost etc.? Hvilken del af videohændelserne vil de i så fald have skærmprint af?

For mig var det blot et udtryk for, at politiet ledte efter endnu en grund til at afvise mig, og det er alt andet lige nemmere at afvise et skærmprint af et hackerangreb end at afvise et samlet forløb.

Jeg har derfor valgt at lægge brevet til politiet op på min blog – jeg brugte faktisk lang tid på at formulere det, såvel som jeg også brugte tid på at finde videoklip, sætte dem sammen, præsentere dem og brænde dem på en DVD.


Jeg vedhæfter også to af de bevismaterialer, som politiet ikke ville modtage. Flere af bevismaterialerne ligger allerede på min blog, og så er der de bevismaterialer, der faktisk ikke er andet end et foto, meget apropos, og derfor ikke fortæller nogen historie, som gør det muligt for andre, at se, hvad der egentlig foregår: Dem har jeg af samme grund ikke valgt at lægge op på min blog.

Most convincing evidence of covert crimes (videodocumentation – my dogs).

The last two weeks have been terrible. What they have done not only to me, but to the health of my animals is unbelievable. This video should document have far out these technologies truly are. So when Dr James Giordano talks about these covert technologies, my answer is: Understatement.

I very quickly learned that these internal technologies are controlled remotely – but the fact, that they are able to switch on my dogs internal technologies in a visible way and then turn them off, for instance when I’m together with other people, should prove it.

It is a nightmare – and it is only possible, because the people within the organized stalking enters my home, when I’m not at home, to harm my animals among other things. I can even give the precise dates.

There are a lot more to the situation, so this video is only the first video concerning the health of my animals. Thursday I’m going to an ophthalmologist. Then I will fill yet another police report.

03:25 PM: A short comment concerning YouTube

After I uploaded this video to YouTube, I watched it and everything was fine. Then 8 hours later I watched it again – and now things wasn’t so good, even i HD mode. Especially the quality when it comes to my second dog Pedy is absolutely useless.

I have therefore uploaded the video again directly to WordPress. Let’s see if that does the trick? I will have to find an alternative to YouTube.

It didn’t do the trick. Something is truly wrong with the video quality. Best options is to see it without any light reflections. These video clips are sometimes not that good, since I often have to make them in low light conditions, but they work fine on my own computer.

UN report: Psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment (my contribution to the report)

June 21st 2020 I participated with input to the UN report: Psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment: https://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Torture/SRTorture/Pages/CallGA75.aspx

I only learned about the report the day before, so I had to write the letter fast, Sunday evening, since there was a deadline at midnight.

That means that there might be some linguistic errors – as well as English isn’t my native language. But I still think my letter contributes to the picture, as well as the letter reflect the situation we are in today, as I view the global humanity crises.


I keep being blown away by these covert crimes

Since February 2020 I’ve been keeping a journal over the development of my Morgellon Disease. Never in a million years, did I thought it had anything to do with an eye disease, I’ve been having since around 1993- 1994.

Back then I went to the doctors, but nobody was able to diagnose the sudden and very painful problems I was having with hard tissue objects popping up in my eyes, turning them all bloody and red.

I went on – on and off – for some years, and then almost disappeared for decades only to turn up again during the summer of 2019 in connection with the electromagnetic harassment.

In 2020 I realized, almost by accident, that I had Morgellon Disease, at the same time my eye symptoms popped up again. When I realized I had Morgellon Disease I immediately thought, this looks like the same I’ve been having since 1993-94. So, when it turned up again, I started to examine these jelly objects, quickly turning into hard, very painful tissue, closely.

I was honestly blown away – when I realize, I had been having Morgellon Disease (or some sort of early stage of Morgellon Disease?) since 1993-94.

It completely changed my view and I was having physical evidence to prove, I’ve been targeted for decades/been a subject of secret experimentation, that not a lot can have known about back then – not to mention: access to.

The fact, that I’ve been having Morgellon Disease since at least 1993, therefore backs up my research, it all fits together.

NB. If you don’t know anything about Morgellon Disease or haven’t followed my journey I advise you to watch my journey under the page, Morgellon Disease, first.

Thank you for paying attention to my case.


Rosa Koire connects the dots

Rosa Koire is someone I have not paid enough attention to. In this YouTube Video she is connecting the dots, including organized stalking with the agenda 21, in a comprehensible way.

My comment to the Black Lives Matter movement is – that it began as a legit protest-movement and was later on infiltrated by the Globalist, just as the FBI and CIA used to do, during the Cold War with the Cointelpro program and FBI infiltration the black civil rights movement (especially the Black Panthers) in the US and Stay Behind infiltrating Communism in Europe under order from CIA.

(Video documentation) Bad intentions – the Intruders

Recently a car full of 5 young men parked outside my property in the middle of the night and stayed for more than 20 minutes. I got the incident on my surveillance system and even if it is a bit long, it is obvious, that I’m their target and they only had bad intentions.

I’m therefore heading for the police again. And it is remarkable, that my case is not only a case concerning the organized stalking but also a case concerning the systems lake of action.