I have heard from the police again

I have now been in contact with the police again and it is obvious, that they haven’t been investigation my case any further. To their defense I will say, that I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence last year. Everybody I knew thought I had gone mad. In my naivety however I thought back then,Continue reading “I have heard from the police again”

My medical journals 2 – heart-issues etc.

Today, I myself am certain (based on my medical history and common sense) that I have been a target for decades, in my opinion most likely since childhood. However, I haven’t been able to track my medical records all the way back in time. I can only offer my testimony as truthful as I can,Continue reading “My medical journals 2 – heart-issues etc.”

The sound of the silent holocaust

I have made a new YouTube video, in which I try to document some of the many low-frequent sounds surrounding me, mostly in my room. As I mentioned before, it sometimes feels like I’m living in a high-tech machine room. Most of the sound – however, you can’t really record, at least not with normalContinue reading “The sound of the silent holocaust”

The Police have answered my request

Recently I heard from the police after filing a request regarding:• Why they had chosen not to investigate the video of the shooting incident any further, which took place outside my car August 9th 2017?• As well as requesting to look into my actual case (My first request: I have send a request to theContinue reading “The Police have answered my request”

I have sent a request to the police

As part of collecting my medical journals, I also wrote to the police last week requesting a statement regarding why they didn’t investigate the video footage any further of the shooting incident I delivered to them last year. So now I’m waiting for their reply. Translation: In short terms I’m asking the police, why theyContinue reading “I have sent a request to the police”

Letter of validation

Yesterday I became aware of a letter written by former Vice-President of the US Psychotronics Association, defending Dr Millicent Black – and it’s a must-read, being very informative and unsettling at the same time. To read the whole letter along with lots of other affidavits and letters of validation go to this website: https://everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/affidavits-letters-of-validation-and-support-legislation-efforts-attesting-to-ongoing-non-consensual-experimentation-dew-use-on-civilians/

Hopes for the nearest future

I’m in Berlin, celebrating the new year – together with my perpetrators of course, who seems to be well-organized on a global scale. My thoughts and hopes for 2018 in that context, are that all targeted individuals will come together on a global website. I do not have the means to create a website, butContinue reading “Hopes for the nearest future”