Hair analysis and Chemtrails

Harald Kautz Vella is another person whose research has been invaluable in my own research concerning Morgellon Disease. He might come across a bit more eccentric than Elana Freeland, since he talks about the combination of meta-physic and Morgellon Disease in a way, which might be mindboggling to many people? However almost everything he saysContinue reading “Hair analysis and Chemtrails”

First came CovID. Then came The Great Reset

This video is a short introduction to the Great Reset of the world as we know it and the introduction to an Orwellian Nightmare even though it is presented as some hot, fancy and beautiful vision by the World Economic Forum. For more information go to Spiro Skouras’ YouTube Channel or listen to Dr. JamesContinue reading “First came CovID. Then came The Great Reset”

Åbent brev til politiet

Fredag den 24. juli 2020 opsøgte jeg Vordingborg Politi med den seneste videodokumentation og et brev, hvori jeg forsøgte at understrege alvoren i min situation og at det efterhånden ikke længere kan benægtes, at jeg er udsat for organiseret kriminalitet. Desværre var politiet hverken interesseret i at modtage mit brev eller den DVD jeg havdeContinue reading “Åbent brev til politiet”

Most convincing evidence of covert crimes (videodocumentation – my dogs).

The last two weeks have been terrible. What they have done not only to me, but to the health of my animals is unbelievable. This video should document have far out these technologies truly are. So when Dr James Giordano talks about these covert technologies, my answer is: Understatement. I very quickly learned that theseContinue reading “Most convincing evidence of covert crimes (videodocumentation – my dogs).”