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June 9th 2020

My name is Anne and I’m a Danish citizen. I have a Master degree in psychology and educational science and used to work as a teacher for many years, before I was exposed to organized stalking.

Now I can’t get a job – and if I do, “people” will call my work anonymously – claiming I’m insane.

It began in 2016. Today I’m certain, I’ve been exposed to these sorts of covert crimes for decades. My own understanding of why I’m exposed to organized stalking and its “secret weapon” – Directed Energy Weapons/DEW (microwave weapons etc.) is to be found in my parents political background.

My grandmother, Dagmar Andreasen was a well-known communist in Denmark during the Cold War – who used to work as an actoress during Second World War along with people such as Ruth Berlau and Bertolt Brecht in a working class theater in Copenhagen. Later she wrote books about her life as a working class woman in the 20th century.

My family was therefore already “on the radar”, so to speak, during the Cold War – which lead to my parents being blacklisted by the United States in the late 1970’s (I myself have never been a member of the Communist Party or any other political party, as well as my parents later in life gave up their political activities – but that doesn’t change history and I am a nonconformist by definition and hate injustice ironically enough – since injustice is what I’m exposed to in the absolut meaning of the word – injustice).

Soon after my parents were blacklisted by the US, I began having my first significant health-issues. That was back in 1979 and I was around 12 – 13 years old. Today I’m able to connect the many different health-issues I’ve been suffering from together with directed energy weapons, after these crimes became overt in 2016 (by overt I mean that the target becomes aware he or she is exposed to organized crimes – covert is referring to the fact, that these crimes are not being done out in the open – cyberstalking, surveillance, phonetapping, illegal home break in’s and electromagnetic harassment are all part of covert harassment).

I have written a book about the targeting, that I’m now editing. It is my personal story linked together with our shared history. It has taken me quite a while to write it.

On my blog I also share personal evidence under the page – My Case. It can be very hard to document, that you are exposed to covert crimes – however now and then I get lucky.

My best evidence of the electromagnetic harassment/directed energy attacks is the fact, that I was recently diagnosed with the condition – Electro Hyper Sensitivity. And not only was I diagnosed with EHS – soon after I realized I had Morgellon Disease!

Morgellon Disease is a chapter in itself – and I have therefore made a separate page only for this disease – or condition, as I prefer to call it, since it is not really a disease, but some sort of A.I. “biowarfare” (Artificial Intelligence) deliberately inflicted on humanity.

So rare is Morgellon Disease – my dermatologist had never heard about the condition. It is a awful condition and if you look at my documentation – you will most certainly realize that something strange is going on in my life.

It is called covert crimes – done with covert means such as directed energy, A.I. warfare etc.

My whole life is under attack and I’ve been hospitalized twice back in 2017 under serious circumstances – where they found a lump on one of my lungs, I also had pneumonia on one lung, I couldn’t breathe, the oxygen level in the blood was far to low, my nose was running and my eyes were swollen and dark red as well as my heart was beating fast and out of control, after I had been exposed to continuous microwave assaults relentlessly performed by people within the organized stalking.

Since 2016 I’ve also been physically stalked by the people within the organized stalking and I have been chased out of my apartment in Copenhagen and forces to be on the run between February 2016 and November 2018, until I found a house on the countryside, approximately 65 miles outside Copenhagen.

Things haven’t changes – but I have given up trying to flee, since I realized it is impossible.

I’m still exposed to organized stalking – I’m not being chased in an overt manner so much anymore, since the people within the organized stalking realized, I was filming these events. But I’m still exposed to illegal house break-in’s, while I’m not at home, as well as I’m exposed to cyber-stalking, phone-tapping and other technological surveillance tactics.

And then there is the Morgellon Disease and electromagnetic harassment of me and my animals life, which by far is the most damaging part of these covert crimes.

I’ve tried to go to the police with little result – even presenting lots of physical evidence. In January 2018 I therefore began this blog where I share some of my evidence, as well as I’m sharing important news and information about – the hidden (world) agenda.

So, this is my testimony!

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