During 2020 I began feeling the need to write in Danish, after I began recording conversations concerning my case – among them, conversations with the Danish police. That led to the creation of a Danish website www.annehave.blog which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been maintaining this website for quite a while.

I will try to catch up – since things haven’t improved since last year – the second reason, why I haven’t been maintaining this website. The third reason is hacking of computers and online-activity (that goes for this website too) which have accelerated for the last 6 month along with the electromagnetic harassment, even the physical stalking at one point started to accelerate again, and the health of my dog, Alf.

Alf has been suffering beyond the explainable since last summer – and I’m not very optimistic about his situation.

It is my believe that I’m more or less able to prove my case today, since I’m getting more and more evidence through the medical research of my own case. In that connection it appears that the people behind my targeting are mutilating my dog, Alf as some sort of revenge.

But I will begin posting more and more evidence, hopefully soon. I’m also looking for legal advice as well as I’m looking for scientists in the field of Morgellon Disease, so I’m still building a case and will present my most convincing evidence within the nearest future.

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