Hair analysis and Chemtrails

Harald Kautz Vella is another person whose research has been invaluable in my own research concerning Morgellon Disease. He might come across a bit more eccentric than Elana Freeland, since he talks about the combination of meta-physic and Morgellon Disease in a way, which might be mindboggling to many people?

However almost everything he says has turn out to be true in my case. For instance he talks about, how the heavy metals (barium, strontium and aluminium) coming from Chemtrails is integrated in the bone-marrow as part of the Morgellon Disease, replacing calcium and copper (if you doubt the existence of Chemtrails please read the Space Preservation Act from 2001).

Last year I had a hair-analysis done in Germany – and it turned out that I had much too little copper and calcium and way too much Strontium.

Is that a coincidence?

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