Most convincing evidence of covert crimes (videodocumentation – my dogs).

The last two weeks have been terrible. What they have done not only to me, but to the health of my animals is unbelievable. This video should document have far out these technologies truly are. So when Dr James Giordano talks about these covert technologies, my answer is: Understatement.

I very quickly learned that these internal technologies are controlled remotely – but the fact, that they are able to switch on my dogs internal technologies in a visible way and then turn them off, for instance when I’m together with other people, should prove it.

It is a nightmare – and it is only possible, because the people within the organized stalking enters my home, when I’m not at home, to harm my animals among other things. I can even give the precise dates.

There are a lot more to the situation, so this video is only the first video concerning the health of my animals. Thursday I’m going to an ophthalmologist. Then I will fill yet another police report.

03:25 PM: A short comment concerning YouTube

After I uploaded this video to YouTube, I watched it and everything was fine. Then 8 hours later I watched it again – and now things wasn’t so good, even i HD mode. Especially the quality when it comes to my second dog Pedy is absolutely useless.

I have therefore uploaded the video again directly to WordPress. Let’s see if that does the trick? I will have to find an alternative to YouTube.

It didn’t do the trick. Something is truly wrong with the video quality. Best options is to see it without any light reflections. These video clips are sometimes not that good, since I often have to make them in low light conditions, but they work fine on my own computer.

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