I keep being blown away by these covert crimes

Since February 2020 I’ve been keeping a journal over the development of my Morgellon Disease. Never in a million years, did I thought it had anything to do with an eye disease, I’ve been having since around 1993- 1994.

Back then I went to the doctors, but nobody was able to diagnose the sudden and very painful problems I was having with hard tissue objects popping up in my eyes, turning them all bloody and red.

I went on – on and off – for some years, and then almost disappeared for decades only to turn up again during the summer of 2019 in connection with the electromagnetic harassment.

In 2020 I realized, almost by accident, that I had Morgellon Disease, at the same time my eye symptoms popped up again. When I realized I had Morgellon Disease I immediately thought, this looks like the same I’ve been having since 1993-94. So, when it turned up again, I started to examine these jelly objects, quickly turning into hard, very painful tissue, closely.

I was honestly blown away – when I realize, I had been having Morgellon Disease (or some sort of early stage of Morgellon Disease?) since 1993-94.

It completely changed my view and I was having physical evidence to prove, I’ve been targeted for decades/been a subject of secret experimentation, that not a lot can have known about back then – not to mention: access to.

The fact, that I’ve been having Morgellon Disease since at least 1993, therefore backs up my research, it all fits together.

NB. If you don’t know anything about Morgellon Disease or haven’t followed my journey I advise you to watch my journey under the page, Morgellon Disease, first.

Thank you for paying attention to my case.


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