(Video documentation) Bad intentions – the Intruders

Recently a car full of 5 young men parked outside my property in the middle of the night and stayed for more than 20 minutes. I got the incident on my surveillance system and even if it is a bit long, it is obvious, that I’m their target and they only had bad intentions.

I’m therefore heading for the police again. And it is remarkable, that my case is not only a case concerning the organized stalking but also a case concerning the systems lake of action.

One thought on “(Video documentation) Bad intentions – the Intruders

  1. V2k is a AI software and play a “mindgame” with its victims (can manipulate them psychologically and emotionally, to depersonalize and intimidate them, to induce a state of anxiety), the purpose of this type of crime is to “brainwash” its victims


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