Mind Control

A few days ago I got my first hate-email from a person in Denmark, who just wanted to let me know, that I’m mentally ill.

His name is Jesper Bach Bjerregård and what he didn’t understand was: Why “they” didn’t just use complete mind control on me?

Since they didn’t his conclusion was – that what I’m writing on my blog is delusional, I suppose it includes the physical evidences too?

First of all, not all people are exposed to V2K. There are different programs – and it upsets me, when someone like Dr. Robert Duncan claims, that all people, who are not exposed to V2K are mentally ill.

That leaves me with two questions – I would like to answer:

  1. First of all – “they” have tried to manipulate my thoughts – however I knew these thoughts had nothing to do with me, so they stopped. My conclusion was: you can not manipulate someone who knows, they are being manipulated. That’s why it is so important to share your knowledge as a T.I., even if you are being ridiculed and called insane – to help fight the manipulation.
  2. Secondly, who is Robert Duncan – really? When I go online the only Dr. Robert Duncan I can find, that fits the profil and used to work at Darpa as an engineer, lived between 1923 and 2003.

The living Robert Duncan is saying a lot that is right, but he is also saying things I find untrue – the recipe for manipulation. Katherine Horton even suggest he might be Illuminate – I don’t know who he is, but I step carefully: https://stop007.org/home/black-list/duncan/

We live in Fake News Times and there is so much disinformation, people can concluded whatever they like based on their sources.

That is why first step in science is – know your sources!

And that is why I have gone public – and while keep on staying public this time – because you can not speak truth and stay hidden at the same time.

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