Yahya Hassan a Danish poet and targeted by the State, I might add, is dead

A young, talented, bright and good Danish poet is dead. He became 24 years old. Yahya Hassan was very controversial and made headlines for not following the conventions whenever he was on the screen.

Yahya Hassan was hated and loved. Loved by the free spirits and hate by
reactionary forces – both among the Danish and Muslim parts of our society.

I have often seen Yahya as a targeted individual.

Let me just give a short introduction.

He became famous in Denmark in 2013 for his social criticism. He was one of the brightest young poets in Denmark, if not the brighest – looking right through the society and our shallow way of living the consumer lifestyle.

He was just brilliant – and therefore hated by many.

Yahya Hassan became a target of religious hate crimes, due to his true and open heart. He was hunted and put under a lot of stress. Even the police were hunting Yahya, according to himself, since he really provoked a lot of people, because of his controversial and straight forward personality.

Yahya Hassan was driven to the limit of what a young man can handle – hunted by criminals and the Danish police.

He committed a crime against a girlfriend, that had left him. As far as I remember, he stalked her partly naked on a train station, but no harm was done.

Yayha Hassan was sentenced to detention indefinitely in an asylum. A little while ago I saw him for the first time in years after he had been locked up in a mental institution. He looked like a dummy. He was fat, completely changed an just an empty shell.

Now he is dead.

He was found in his home. No mention of the cause of death – only that it wasn’t a crime.

You bet it was a crime! I was a crime committed by the Danish State, the police and
psychiatric hospital. I was a crime committed by the court and the Danish Free Masons, that controls our court system. It was a crime where Yahya was driven to insanity.

And I often saw him as exposed to the same crimes as myself.

Evil powerful forces in our Danish society just couldn’t stand him, among them the Danish police. He was hunted and driven out of his mind. He committed a crime and was locked up in an asylum. When I saw him recently on TV – he was drugged out and not himself.

The system had crushed him. Destroyed him. Made him tame and quiet. He used to be a force of life. Now he is dead. I’m not surprised.

My own experiences with the system is like a Kafka nightmare – and all the system has to offer is a free bed in a psychiatric facility.

It could have been me being driven to the point of insanity, where I would lash out in despair and ended up in a psychiatric hospital indefinitely.

Shame on everyone participating in his death. You know, who you are.

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