Cyberstalking and hacking

Since 2016 I have not only been stalked in real life. I have also been cyber-stalked and bullied on a daily basis. When I want to send an important email – it is never received whether I’m applying for a job, writing to important people and so on.

When I’m writing submissions for instance to the UN last year – everything seems to be fine until I try to lock on to the submission just to realize it doesn’t exist etc.

When I write on my Master Thesis, my story or edit videos for my blog – they often interfere or even destroy my work etc., etc.

This short video shows some of the latest experiences with the cyberbullying.

One thought on “Cyberstalking and hacking

  1. Hi Anne, I’m a Romanian TI,clinical psychologist by profession, we can talk about more ”Gang stalking” if you want, I’m waiting for you to send me a message on Facebook


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