Does anyone have information about the Original stalker?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to avoid writing this blog-post. However, the situation is now so critical and the police won’t help me, so I see no other option than to go public with the name and address of the original stalker, the person who initiated the gang-stalking.

The reason is, that he has begun appearing down here, where I live, almost 100 kilometer from Copenhagen, on a regular basis. A place where I’m living only because of all the harm he has inflicted in my life – for instance the initiation of the organized stalking, which he himself is part of.

He began appearing down here, immediately after I went to the police last time (late 2019) and was told, they wouldn’t do anything about my case. The arrival of the original stalker went hand in hand with an explosion of the electromagnetic harassment, causing the first sudden outbreak of morgellon disease and other very critical health-issues.

His name is, Flemming Stefan Eriksen.

Address: Lyngbyvej 303 st th, 2900 Hellerup

The apartment where he lives is owned by a woman, named Liselotte Sinding Nyegaard: her address is: Vedbendvej 2A st th, 2900 Hellerup. It is the exact same apartment, but since the apartment is on a corner, it has changed address within the recent years to Vedbendvej 2A, however the stalker apparently is still registered on the old address: Lyngbyvej 303, so both addresses should work.

The original stalker is the individual who initiated the organized stalking in my case: He is a little, old, disturbed character, which lived in the same area as me back in 2010, when he began stalking me. I don’t know this individual and instinctively knew back then, that this was a person I had to stay away from.

Easier said than done.

One and a half year after the stalking began back I 2010, and I had tried to ignore this individual from my neighborhood. I went to the police for the first time, complaining about his abusive nature, which only made the stalking worse.

In 2016 I managed to sell my apartment and move back to Copenhagen, that’s when the organized stalking was initiated. It began with the following text-messages send from my own messenger account, which is how I first became aware, that someone had hacked themselves into my Facebook account and was sending me messages.

These two words, as far as I know, is a satanic messages – and that both fits the people being involved in the initiating gang-stalking, as well as I already back then knew, that the original stalker was into the occult.

Dry flowers on my doormat, money on my doormat, strange substances and liquid smelling of herbs poured around the small building, where I used to live between 2006 and 2010 etc., as well as urine, spit, and other disgusting body-fluids.

It is unthinkable what some disturbed people can make them self do, if they are obsessive and twisted enough. And this person is truly sick – I would never be able to describe how sick, but the fact that I ended up being exposed to organized stalking because of his obsessive and vindictive nature (he couldn’t accept my constant rejections) tells everything.

And when I moved away from the area, where he apparently is still living, that is when I was exposed to organized stalking and life-threatening electromagnetic harassment.

These teen years have been devastating – so if you can provide me with any useful information involving his destructive obsession with me and my life, I would be so thankful.  

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