My best evidence of electromagnetic harassment

Today I was officially declared an EHS-patient (Electro, Hyper, Sensitive). And what does that mean? In short it means that some people for some unknown reason react very badly to the microwaves in our environment.

For some unknown reason…

Wrong! At least in my case.

The fact that I today was declared an EHS-patient is my best evidence to this day that I am indeed being electromagnetic harassed, just as I’ve been claiming for years.

I knew, I had to start the journey on collecting evidence of the electromagnetic harassment. I had already been in contact with the EHS-union in Denmark, explaining that I was a victim of electromagnetic harassment and gang-stalking.

That wasn’t received very well, and I felt almost frozen out – meaning all talk about targeted individual was not welcome, most likely because of the stigma that tags to these two words. However the EHS-Union is my best friend in my situation, and they are truly doing a remarkable job.

So I waited for a couple of years thinking, I’m not going to address the electromagnetic harassment again, I’m just going to become a member, so I can begin my journey collecting forensic evidence. And so I did, December 2019.

I will say, that I’m exposed to all sorts of directed energy weapons, and not all produce EHS-symptoms such as being very, very tired and exhausted, having heavy headaches and just laying in my bed. I therefore knew, that I had to wait for the right moment before I did my EHS-test.

This moment occurred a couple of weeks ago after I had been laying in my bed almost 24/7, just sleeping, sleeping due to the intense electromagnetic harassment for a week.

Today I got the answer – you are suffering from EHS aka physiological reactions to microwave exposure

What a day of joy.

Most people would be sad – but I’m already used to disasters – so to me I couldn’t be happier to get prove of this hidden evil.

And this is just the first step on my forensic journey, which also includes my animals, and I already have my first solid evidence.

Unfortunately I had lots of problems when I tried to edit the pdf from the EHS doctor. I tried three different pdf programs but wasn’t able to do something as simple as to underline some text – so:

Normal values in the test between: 1 – 10 IE/ml

My values at the time for the test: 15 IE/ml

Very high values: 20 IE/ml

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