(Audio documentation) Conversation with the police concerning my latest complaint

We live in a surveillance society – I know that and have learned to document everything of importants. My latest documentation is as conversation with the police I had today. The conversation is in Danish, concerning the latest complaint I filed to the police.

I didn’t expect anything, since this I’ve been going to the police so many times during the last 3 – 4 years without receiving any help.

This conversation is therefore the best I could hope for, since it very clearly shows:

  1. How many physical evidence of harassment I have actually been reporting to the police.
  2. How utterly alone you are, when you are a targeted individual, even when you are exposed to people shooting around you.
  3. How I have received no help – honestly it is nothing but an inconvenience.
  4. How far out the last three years have been, which should be quite apparent, and still I have had no help.

My question is, who is the police helping? It’s not me.

I therefore consider this an evidence, not a physical evidence, but an evidence of my situation and how absurd it is – and an evidence of some significant incidents that has been taking place the last few years.

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