UN Human Rights Violation – Submission November 2019

November 2019 I made a submission to the UN concerning human rights violations. The violations concerns the illegal targeting of innocent people within our democracies.

I do have my doubt now, wherther this submission is even valide – and if so, if the UN even received my submission, since I had to do it 4 times. Each time I was told, the submission had been received by the UN, and each time I tried to log into my submission, to do some editing, I was told it didn’t exist.

You were supposed to be able to access your submission for 24 hours after completion. Another Danish Targeted Individual didn’t have any problems accessing her submission, but whenever I tried after completing my submission successfully 4 times I was told it didn’t exist.

In the end I used my email account to send the submission.


I have deleted name and address in the submission to the UN.


Some sceen shorts of all my troubles accessing my submission after it had been successfully finalised.

A link to an article about the UN’s investigation, which came in two different parts/investigations? So as a user it was a bit confusing.


I had some trouble with the original link, so I found the article on another website.

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