The age of Directed Energy Weapons

Today I had to consult my dogs vet again – after a terrible new development in his health history. I will go much more into the terrible mutilation of my animals.

I had a long talk with the vet, that I did record – who didn’t find anything wrong with my dog, besides him having a heavy fever and more swollen lymph nodes.

Normally I don’t talk to people about the directed energy attacks, since I quickly learned, that most people don’t know of this weapon technology and have a hard time believing these crimes actually occurs.

However today she did push me to take about the directed energy weapons – since she couldn’t understand what was wrong with my dog – whereas I said, that I did understand. This somehow made me go on and tell her about directed energy weapons.

I told her I often didn’t address the subject, since most people didn’t even know about these weapons.

Her response was: Yes, you are right – I have never heard of directed energy weapons.

However much to my surprise, she didn’t look at me – as if I had lost my mind but wrote my explanation down in my dogs journal.

If you know something, others don’t – she said, it is often hard to be believed.

She is right about that – I therefore link to one of Lockheed Martin’s military commercials on YouTube – since directed energy weapons is a big part of today’s warfare.

My questions is – how is it even possible, that most people don’t know about these weapons? Are they a secret – hidden in plain sight?

You can even build a microwave gun yourself out of a microwave oven.

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