In memory of my late Amplifier

In memory of my late, very expensive Denon Amplifier – that almost catch fire before it went dead – and a whole lot of other equipment I have lost over the last few years – especially surveillance gear: Even expensive surveillance gear that wasn’t more than a couple of months old, and that I had been using a few times, before it suddenly was destroyed, saying all shorts of clicking noises and being unable to start up. Not to mention all the computers I’ve had hacked – and phones.

Now and then the Media picks up the topic – directed energy weapons. This Fox News video is from 2017 and describes the ability of laser technology. We are never told anything about these covert weapons in the Danish Media, since we apparently are the most happy people on earth in Denmark (at least we used to be a few years ago) – it is a scientific fact – and live a isolated happy life, apparently out of touch with the rest of the world.

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