(Video documentation 1) 2017 “Intimidation”: they are shooting around me.

The first video I would like to post presenting my case as a targeted individual being exposed to crimes on a daily basis since 2016 is a remake/re-editing of the shooting incident and another incident, where physical intimidation was committed against me all the way back in 2017.

This was after I almost had moved out of my apartment, since I couldn’t stay there any longer and was living in different locations, among them I sometimes slept in my car.

As a result me moving around also forced my perpetrators out of hiding and I was suddenly able to sometimes document (whenever I was lucky) what was going on – until the people behind the gang stalking became aware, that I was filming some of these crimes committed against me in secret.

I gave these videos to the police, who didn’t do anything about it. In 2018 I therefore started a case with the police, which I have also posted on this blog.

This is only the first video: During November I will post even more documentation all painting a picture of gang stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

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