I haven’t been maintaining my blog as I would have liked to during 2019

During 2019 I haven’t maintained my blog as I would have liked to. The reason is, that I’m still writing on my personal story as a targeted individual. I was aiming at 100 pages in the beginning, but have now written 200 pages and not a single page is too much.

I suppose most targeted individuals won’t find any new information in my writings, since my goal has been to reach out to people who are unfamiliar with the organized stalking and targeted individual program.

My book is therefore not only my story, it is a story about what goes on behind the scenes, especially after 9/11 2001, based on solid background sources and references, since I know how much of an effort it takes to present solid evidence, that can’t be denied.

That is also why I have chosen to keep on writing instead of going public with my story earlier this year, without having the solid research in place.

But I’m almost there – and hope to finish my writings before 2020.

However, I have said it before and I say it again – I will also begin publishing all the evidence I have succeeded to collect during the years. Some evidence are not direct evidence, but indirect evidence, for instance as it is the case with me and my animals health: But putting all evidence together and looking at them with an open mind, I believe most people wouldn’t deny the circumstances I’ve been living under for years.

It’s about time, that I start to reach out to people, who might be able to make a difference – that’s why I have started going through all my video material to begin publishing all the documentation I’ve been collecting during the years, though I lost quite a bit after I broke an external hard-disk.

Furthermore I’ve been locked out of my mail account, and will try to find a solution, so that I again can be in touch with other people.

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