Draining me financially

Today I had my amplifier smashed by directed energy and it makes me so mad. This was an expensive amplifier, that cost at least 1600 US dollars in Denmark. I’ve had it since 2005, so one could argue, that it was old, but I’ve used it less than 500 hours if I put it all together and it was good quality. Besides, last week “they” were playing with my CD-player, making it behaving very odd, skipping numbers over and over again. This week they burned of my amplifier. If it was because something was wrong with my stereo, I would expect it to be the same device causing trouble and not the CD player one week and the amplifier the next week.

And this is not the first electrical device the criminals behind the organized stalking have destroyed. They have destroyed 2 to 3 small hidden cameras, 4 hunting cameras (two of the hunting cameras were working properly for less than 1 month) 1 voice recorder, 1 Flir One pro thermal camera (it worked for less than a couple of months) and I don’t know how many computers.

Then there is the camera in my car, that they can also jam, but it still works. I’ve even witness them crashing a hunting camera, when I was trying to film the drones flying around with no light at night, and the hunting camera was jammed in that connection, making this clicking noise before it went totally dead, my Flir One camera makes the same clicking noise.

Last year when I moved into my house, I also had a lot of trouble with the central heating system. And since the technology is pretty simple, I soon realized it had to be due to all the electromagnetic radiation that I’m exposed to in my house. I therefor putted up my RF detector and a camera to see if I was able to pick up any signal. And just as I expected my RF detector picked up a signal just as the computer controlling the heater in my house went out. So often I was left with only the fireplace during the winter, making it extremely could in the morning.

One month and nearly 5000 dollars after – the problem stopped, instead I was having problems with the wifi-system regulating the heat in my house ( I have heat in my floors) and sometimes the heating went totally out of control making my floors burning hot, so tiles would crack due to the extreme heat – and it didn’t stop before I simply had to disconnect the wifi regulation of the heating in my house.

However, smashing a hunting camera that cost 100 dollars is one thing, smashing an amplifier, that cost 1600 dollars or more, is a whole different story.

Which makes me want to make a video about all these online and electrical abuses that I’m suffering from, besides the mutilation of my animals and myself.

Being a targeted individual I have spend close to a 100.000 US dollars. That is a lot, and I have only been able to pay all these money, because I was forced out of my apartment in Copenhagen and in that connection was payed some money for the sale.

So, what did I spend the money on? Just today I lost at least 1600 dollars. During the summer I spend around 5000 – 6000 dollars in less than three weeks on taking my dogs to the vet. So, it is very easy to spend money due to these crimes. When I was still living in Copenhagen I had a home I couldn’t live in, instead I had to be on the run constantly spending lots of money on hotels, motels, fastfood, gasoline etc., while at the same time paying rent for a home where I couldn’t stay. This went on for at least a year, before I was able to find a small room, where I could stay until I bought the place, where I’m living now.

So close to a 100.000 dollars – is easily spend. That is if you have them – and the money I had left after being hunted for years, literally – I’ve spend on the house where I’m living now. That I also why it is so simple to figure out how much I have been spending on this crazy lifestyle. I just look at the money I had after selling my apartment in Copenhagen and the money I had left buying my new house – and then add some due the the bills that just keeps coming.

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