This blog is a ongoing description of my life as a targeted individual.

Being a targeted individual you are being surveilled, stalked and electromagnetic harassed 24/7 – in many cases with directed energy weapons: a fairly unknown technology to most people and yet a very old technology going all the way back to the 1960s and before. A technology that has been kept a secret to the general population since the use of this secret technology is unlimited, when it is secret.

If you want to know more about this hidden technology and program please read the document http://bills-107hr2977ih_3 , http://lynn-a-surgalla and drdaniellebowitz1 under documents.


I began writing about my experience on this blog in January 2018. However, today I’m building a case – gathering all the personal “evidence” I can, bit by bit.

Everything I write will be posted/collected on my Blog.

The page My case, is an overview over evidence/documentation of the crimes being committed against me, my pets and people closest to me, that I have posted on my blog (this is a working progress and I’m far from done posting all the documentation I have collected over the years).

About me is a short introduction.

Documents is a page where I will post all relevant documents from my blog – again to give a quick overview.

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