An Introduction

My contribution to the activism within the targeted individual “community” is, among other things, to share my evidence: And any targeted individual around the world can use my contribution in their own defense, if they seen any point in my efforts.

It is an ongoing process and I’m only just beginning – there are many ways of exposing these hidden crimes: some ways are direct, some indirect – but every little piece of “evidence” contributes to the bigger picture and you can’t keep anything completely hidden: If it is happening, it is happening and can therefore be exposed: But I admit, it is not easy, since these crimes, committed by the people within the organized stalking, are “hidden”.


So, what is a targeted individual? A targeted individual is a person who is being exposed to organized crimes, and it happens all over the world. These crimes consist in stalking, surveillance and harassment of the persons whole life: it’s social life, it’s financial life, it’s work-life, it’s reputation etc. – and especially, and in many cases, the destruction of the targeted individuals physical health – by exposing the individual to electromagnetic harassment also called directed energy weapon assaults, non-lethal assaults etc.

So, why does it happen? There are many reasons that can all be categorized under one main reason: because the targeted individual got noticed for whatever reason by the people behind the organized stalking: Whether he/she is a whistleblower, activist, political opponent, journalist, even an ex-spouse to someone within these organized crimes – or just a convenient test-subject/training-object, which is one explanation, why so many civilians are being targeted around the world in this hidden new military directed energy weapon race.

In 2017 the independent Swedish journalist, Bechir Rabani, who had been openly talking against the Deep State in Sweden, died 33 years old of a heart-attack without any previous health-issues (the word deep state refers to a shadow government – a state within the state).

In 2017 Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist, who had been writing of the corruption of journalism and the hidden forces controlling the media – and the Western world, died at the age of 56 also of a heart-attack, and again without further notice.

In 2018 the independent Danish journalist, Tommy Hansen died of cancer after having been diagnosed with cancer earlier that same year, he became 62 years old and was also talking openly about Deep State and the hidden agenda.

None of these people where known as targeted individuals, but they did have one thing in common: independent journalism and speaking openly about the hidden forces ruling the Western society/the totalitarian shadow government. It is therefore unknown if these people were killed with directed energy, but the cause of death is closely related to the health-effects of directed energy/microwave assaults, and if these weapons are used discretely, it is almost impossible to know, if a person is being targeted.

Documents concerning directed energy technology:

The first document is written i 2005 by Lynn A Surgalla : Former Vice-President United States Psychotronics Association:

Jim Guest is a former American politician, who have actively been trying to spread awareness about targeted individuals in the US. This document was written in 2007, when he was still active as a politician:

Dr. Daniel Lebowitz is a medical doctor, involved in the Human Rights organization Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. In this document from 2014 he explains the targeted individual program in more details.

The Space Perservation Act banning all satellite space weapons including addressing chemtrails, was presented to the American Congress in 2001 by Senator Kucinich:

NB. This blog is a ongoing description of my life as a targeted individual.

One thought on “An Introduction

  1. Hi. I am a Targeted individual now in Monroe, Michigan was targeted in Washington DC where I lived for 35 years and held Top Secret clearances with the Government. My top secret clearance was issued by the FBI, one of the very agencies targeting me.


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