I’m changing the appearance of my Blog

When I began writing my blog – January 2018, my goal was to get my voice heard. I used the blog as a daily journal and wrote everything without any deeper reflections on what to post and what to keep private.

My philosophy was, that I had lost all privacy so why not share everything with the world?

I see it differently today – since you have to think carefully about what to write and what not to write online, when you are a targeted individual. I know all to well, that the people behind the organized crime will use whatever they can to portray you as insane.

I learned it the hard way, when my boss told me, that somebody had been calling my job, claming to be a very good friend of mine and lying to my boss, saying I was metally ill – and then directing her attention to this blog.

Well, I do understand that what I’m writing might seem too much to people with no knowledge of – or connection to these crimes. I also acknowledge, that the daily journal mirrored my own reflections and thoughts about the situation, which might have fuelled others disbelieve?

However, being a targeted individual one must really think about how one come across, I have learned that much.

This I why I have deleted all previous blogs, that have nothing to do with my effort to document, what is happening in my life.

My task today is to document as much as possible, when it comes to these crimes – and I’m far from done.

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