I can’t even keep a job as a cleaner

For the last many years I have been almost unable to get a job – and if that wasn’t enough I have experienced how companies don’t get my job applications, when I apply for work online, or how the website goes down whenever I try to upload a job application – over and over and over again. Last year I began working with children, who are having different teenage issues, but approximate one month after I had begun, someone called my boss saying, that he was a good friend of mine and that I was mentally ill. The socalled friend of mine then drew my boss attention to this blog – how did he know this blog and where I was working? Only two people knew at the time, my son and my best female friend. I have already written about it.

I therefore began thinking about starting my own company. I have a master degree in psychology and educational science and had been teaching children for many years before I went to the University to get a master degree in psychology.

Meanwhile, just to get by – I took a job as a cleaning lady Mai 1st 2019.

Today I was fired.

I don’t even bother guessing about the reason behind me loosing this job – but I haven’t been sick or anything. It has been hard, especially because I’m often being mutilated during the nights, so that I can barely walk around the following day – but I did manage to work, even though it was sometimes extremely difficult.

So mayby it is because the company didn’t think I had the energy to perform as I was supposed to – or maybe it is because someone drew their attention to this blog?

Today I have therefore deleted my profil picture for the time being. I’m not sad that I lost my job, because I can do better – or should be able to do better. Before becoming a targeted individual I never had problems getting a job. I could call a company and the next day I would be working. That is how easy it used to be.

Now I not even able to keep a job as a cleaning lady!

I will not make my situation harder than necessary – that is why I have deleted my profil picture – again 🙂

However now I have time to focus on getting my book finished – and when I am done, I will go public. I will also have to think of a new concept for this blog, because it is so easy to be labeled as crazy, when you are a targeted individual: I will therefore have to think about, how I will present myself, when my book is finished.

Today it is late 2019, I began this blog around New Year 2018 – and things change. My goal then is not the same as today. Today my goal is to build a case online – still! When I first began this blog, it was to tell my story and keep a daily journal. I still keep a daily journal, but it is private, since a lot of the things that are happening in my life, will most likely just seems like a whole lot of madness to others.



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