Video diary – August 7th 2019

I’m not writing as much on my blog, as I want to, but hopefully I will be able to again in the nearest future? However I will try to make short video updates more often, because I have so much old video material, that it becomes to much to handle.

I’m also getting sex messages from customers now and then, who are responding on the fake sex ad that has been made in my name and with my phone number. Apparently it is still active, even though I haven’t seen it myself. It must be a very bad sex ad, since I don’t get that many calls – thankfully.



Life is generally very challenging at the moment, both for me and my animals. There were a couple of months, where thing wasn’t as bad, but recently it has become almost unbearable.

I will therefore try to make more updates, the next I think will be about my not so private online life?




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