My dog Pedy

This video is the hardest one to post, because it shows how bad my dog is doing on a daily basis – some periods he is doing worse than others, but for the last couple of weeks, he has been doing bad. It is absolutely terrible and I have tried so many things to save him.

And even though they have turned my dogs into targets too, especially Pedy, I know, I am to blame for the things I’m doing or not doing or should be doing – which makes it especially hard to share this video, because people will have strong opinions and feelings about the senseless mutilation of animals.

The problem is, there isn’t that many solutions left and I truly love this dog.

Never in a million years did I think, they would even consider targeting my animals, as a matter of fact, I saw them as a protection, since it would be too obvious, if both I and my animals became unexplainably sick.

But these people surprise me every day – and not in a good way.

I have tons of other videos of my dog’s health, but for now I’ll make a short video, it is not pleasant, and it shows how much my dog has been transformed during the last 6 month.

I tried to give him away, but that didn’t really help at all, on the contrary he was being so stressed out too.

He has separation anxiety and is so attach to me, as I am to him. That is why I got my puppy, Alf – so they would have each other, when I wasn’t home.

However I have a lot of home intrusions in my house. Even though I just changed my lock (again) to a so-called high security lock, they still goes into my house, when I’m out – and it is my believe, that they have hurt Alf too, in that connection, since he is starting to have the exact same symptoms as Pedy – and myself for that matter.

I’ll also attach two statements one for Pedy and one for Alf, that I got from the vet, when it was truly horrendous back in March – April.

None of them are unhealthy or sick in any ways. I spent more than 5000 US dollars in less than three weeks back in March, just to prove, that nothing was wrong with them and that they had not been poisoned – because I know the world will judge me, maybe even thinking I’m some attention seeking crazy woman, who would hurt her animals just to get attention – it’s called Munchausen by  proxy, which made it extra important to rule out any illnesses or poison.

Well, I’m not crazy at all – the world has gone mad, being ruled by evil force in all secrecy. I have therefore decided that I will begin to make videos out of all the documentation I have been collection throughout the last three years, at least one video per week, starting from today.

I always wanted to make these videos, but I have been writing on the story about my experiences as a targeted individual, and it takes longer than I expected, since I want to make it prober – so long that I have been neglecting my blog for too long.

However, if people were to have an open mind and not judge me before they have really looked into the targeted individual phenomenon, I’m sure my documents all together would show, what is going on, when I finished.

Today I’m therefore trying to prove my case by making all the videos I can of my horrendous everyday life, in the hope that I can build such a strong case, that I can go the legal way.

So, now I will write both on my blog and book, because they go hand in hand – my business can wait, because honestly, this is more important.

To me there is nothing more important right now in todays world, than to do activism and inform the general public if you are a targeted individual or otherwise knows what goes on behind the scenes.


  1. Med de 40’000 kunne du ha 1) kjøpt stoff til å lage radiofrekvens beskyttende plagg 2) kjøpt masse skjermingmaterial – til og med kobbermaske.- til å skjerme boarealet mot mikrobølgestråling og 3) hadde penger til overs til å begynne å lage en magnetisk plate til å sove på. Ikke gi kjærligheten din til hunder. Du er skapt i Gud’s bilde og dette er grunnen til at draken forfølger deg. Vi er i en åndelig krig i endetiden. Jeg er i Bergen i Norge og går tå til tå med Satan’s ætt hver dag. Det er kun den Almektige Jesus Kristus som kan stoppe dem.


    1. Hej Kenneth. Jeg bruger skam også penge på at shielde mig, men har ikke fundet noget, der virker endnu. Jeg har også brugt kobber, men jeg har ikke fundet løsningen endnu.


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