The Royal Danish Defence invites Robert David Steele

I find it very interesting, that the Royal Danish Defence has invited Robert David Steele in 2016, who (if any) really knows, what goes on “behind the scenes”.

In that connection I would like to add, that I have begun writing to all the political parties in Denmark last month – to inform them about the organized global crimes and electromagnetic “harassment”. Also, I have written to the Danish Secret Service – and even though I know, you are not supposed to flatter yourself, I believe it’s my best letter ever.

Unfortunately I can’t share it with you as long as my request hasn’t been answered by PET (Secret Service in Denmark), but should they by any chance reject my letter – as usual, I will publish it 🙂

And even though I wrote to PET, it hasn’t really made any difference in my daily life/the electromagnetic harassment (except from the headquarter next door being less of a headquarter) which I find very, very telling.

What in the world is going on!




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