They have made a false sex advertisement in my name and with my phone number

Today I was contacted by a man, who had seen a fake advertisement on a website, where women sells sex. Just another proof on how I’m being stalked and harassed on a daily basis.

I did record the phone conversation with the poor man, who became so embarrassed, when he realized, I wasn’t the prostituted he was hoping for.

Tomorrow I will therefore make a video diary, where I share life as a targeted individual, including the phone conversation with the guy calling me for a quick fix escort business (the conversation is in Danish).

I will of course also report this incident to the police – and have written to the website, where I’m apparently offering an escort service, because I would like to see this advertisement.

I have tried to find it, but think it might already have be deleted, since I can’t seem to find it. And if that is the case, it also prove, that people are listening to my phone conversations, and decided to delete the add after hearing me talking to the man, who was cheated for sex, at least in my case.

So, besides being beamed to death – or close to, and besides my animals being mutilated as well – these people enjoy themselves with portraying me as a prostitute.

However – that just tells me, how incredible stupid they are – since they a giving me all the evidence, that I am indeed being stalked and harassed.

Please, watch my video tomorrow – my life is so grotesque it is almost a joke.


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